Monday, January 21, 2019

Tax And The Basis Of Sex

Powerhouse Museum to stay in Ultimo under Labor - Dr Cope Pottery Collection stays in the city

ATO calls for secure internet gateway replacement

Greek Australian couple's divorce shines light on ATO loophole

Minister for Women Kelly O'Dwyer quitting federal politics in shock resignation

Michael Cranston pleads 'not guilty' over charges

The sub-prime time bomb is back – this time companies are lighting the fuse

'Raving alcoholic' barrister admits corrupt behaviour - Sydney Morning Herald

Former trader tells of luxury Sydney lifestyle funded by insider ...

Alleged tax cheat on $4.4m bail | Daily Telegraph

David Staehli SC | Nine Wentworth

David Staehli SC

Pulitzer Prize-winning investigative journalist Bastian Obermayer isn’t afraid of investigating the global elite. He’s spent his career digging into the uncomfortable truths of Nazi war criminals, abusive Catholic priests and crooked politicians. Obermayer set into motion the largest collaborative event in the history of journalism when he initiated the Panama Papers.

It never occurred to me that a Tax Court decision could star in a motion picture, but it has happened. The film has a pretty provocative title On The Basis of Sex, but they don't mean it that way. Felicity Jones portrays a young Ruth Bader Ginsburg (RBG) ... and Arnie Hammer as her husband Martin Ginsburg. I have it on very good authority that Martin Ginsburg was a first-rate tax attorney (See follow-up). And another star in the movie is a Tax Court decision. How often does that happen? ...

The decision is  Charles E. Moritz v. Commissioner of Internal Revenue, which was decided by Judge Norman O. Tietjens in 1970 in favor of the IRS. Mr. Moritz had represented himself — not surprisingly given the low stakes.  The decision was appealed to the Tenth Circuit where Mr. Moritz was represented by  Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Martin Ginsburg backed up by Melvin Wulf of the ACLU and Weil, Gotshal & Manges.  The lead attorney for the United States was James Bozarth played by Jack Reynor.  Sam Waterston, who has played a lawyer on TV more than once, portrays Solicitor General Erwin Griswold. ...

 Conservative Groups Targeted in Lois Lerner’s IRS Scandal Receive Settlement Checks.

Cold River - Give me liberty, or I will produce underground - Effects of economic freedom on the shadow economy ... - ResearchGate

NYU/UCLA Tax Policy Symposium, New Approaches to Calculation and Allocation of the International Tax Base,  71 Tax L. Rev. 471-623 (2018)

The German proposal for an effective minimum tax on multinational’s profits

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The Good Place is a new Netflix series. A fantastic sitcom with Ted Danson in an impressive lead role as (Arch angel) Michael. In the series Eleanor Shellstrop (Kristen Bell) has died and ends up — by mistake — in the Good Place. Michael explains how it works. All actions of people are valued with plus and minus points. At the end of your life, all plus and minus points are added up and if you have a sufficient balance you end upon in the Good Place. Committing genocide is minus 434,484.45. Use of Facebook as a verb: minus 5.55. Remaining loyal to the Cleveland Browns plus 53.83 and remembering your sister’s birthday plus 0.04.