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ATO Official a 'model public servant' 

"We are all working in a dynamic and challenging environment – the continual and rapid pace of communications and technology advances, changing expectations of the community and stakeholders, and wavering levels of trust and confidence in institutions and organisations. "

A key prosecution witness believed there was little harm in former deputy tax commissioner Michael Cranston trying to arrange a meeting with the tax office over freezing orders affecting his son's business.
Australian Tax Office assistant commissioner Tony Poulakis took the stand on Tuesday in Sydney's District Court for the fourth day of Mr Cranston's trial on charges of allegedly abusing his position to benefit his son, Adam.
Prosecutors allege Mr Cranston enlisted Mr Poulakis to arrange a meeting between the ATO and a lawyer for Plutus Payroll, a business connected to Adam and whose accounts were frozen by the tax office over $46 million in allegedly unpaid taxes.

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ATO assistant commissioner Tony Poulakis gave evidence in a Crown case against his former superior, Michael Cranston, on Tuesday.
ATO assistant commissioner Tony Poulakis gave evidence in a Crown
 case against his former superior, Michael Cranston, on Tuesday.Credit:Nick Moir

Scott Burrows leaving the Downing Centre on Tuesday.
Scott Burrows leaving the Downing Centre on Tuesday.
Credit:Nick Moir

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Accused former ATO official a 'model public servant' 

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Wedding 'conflict of interest'

The court also heard that Mr Cranston had previously identified a possible conflict of interest over a wedding he attended in October 2016 where the guests were people he was investigating in a scheme to use gold bullion to avoid paying tax.

Mr Staehli suggested that Mr Cranston had raised the matter with his superior, second commissioner Neil Olesen, who had dismissed it because it was "no real issue".
The defence is expected to start its case on Thursday, with the lawyers to decide whether to call Mr Cranston as a witness.
However, Mr Olsen told the court he had no recollection of Mr Cranston raising such a conflict with him.

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Submission to House Tax and Revenue Committee request for comments on the administration of the taxation system. - Parliament House

Wayne Barford Joins ITIC as Senior Advisor
ITIC is pleased to announce that Wayne Barford, former Assistant Commissioner of the Australian Taxation Office (ATO), has been appointed as a Senior Advisor. Mr. Barford brings to ITIC extensive knowledge of both direct and
indirect tax compliance and expertise in tax law and legal interpretation. Read the full press release here.