Friday, January 25, 2019

Shout it from the rooftops: So you think you know diet?

Majority of companies with access to electoral roll are global marketing firms

Rome's Augustus and the allure of the strongman |  ...



Music to the ears of live venues as NSW Labor unveils policy

If elected, the party would give $1.2 million to help live music venues with soundproofing and would make it harder for serial wowsers to hold venues to ransom.

Don't sell Sirius to the Opal tower developer, local politicians urge Premier

The state government is being urged to block the sale of the prime harbourside Sirius public housing building to the developers behind the cracked Opal Tower in Olympic Park

Opal developer pulls out of the running for Sirius sale

Liberal MP Andrew Hastie blasts China's 'arbitrary' arrest of Yang Hengjun, demands his release

The survey shows that the most “severely unaffordable major housing markets” are currently in Australia - Melbourne and Sydney - New Zealand, and China.

US man accused of spying in Russia may have had state secrets, says his lawyer Guardian. Resilc: “Just an innocent dishonorable discharged Marine, working as the security chief for an American firm that does business in Russia, carrying Russian secrets to a wedding….happens all the time..”
Ex-U.S. marine held in Russia for spying was misled, says lawyer Reuters. Resilc: “The old holiday photos on the thumb drive excuse……”

MacKenzie Bezos and the Myth of the Lone Genius Founder Wired 

Gen. Dwight Eisenhower also successfully argued that $635,000 he earned from his 1948 memoir, “Crusade in Europe,” should be treated as a capital gain, saving him as much as $400,000 of tax, says Joseph Thorndike, a historian with Tax Notes magazine.

Hot List Lawyer: At age 16 he handed Abe Saffron a cheque for “millions” - Australasian Lawyer

Tyler points out that uncertainty exists. This is a very important point, because we tend to be very bad at adequately accounting for uncertainty in our decision making.
There is A LOT of uncertainty in what we know about what constitutes a healthy diet. But that doesn't seem to feed into much decision making, whether it's done by policy makers, healthcare professionals, people pushing fad diets, etc.

For every 100,000 inhabitants, Okinawa has 68 centenarians – more than three times the numbers found in US populations of the same size. Even by the standards of Japan, Okinawans are remarkable, with a 40% greater chance of living to 100 than other Japanese people.
Little wonder scientists have spent decades trying to uncover the secrets of the Okinawans’ longevity – in both their genes and their lifestyle. And one of the most exciting factors to have recently caught the scientists’ attention is the peculiarly high ratio of carbohydrates to protein in the Okinawan diet – with a particular abundance of sweet potato as the source of most of their calories.
People, I am not trying to claim this is true!  As is so often the case, I am trying to confuse you and persuade you that maybe you know less than you think.  Here is the full story.  Here are other pieces on why Okinawans live so long, none to me very convincing.

Washington Post: “…The Trump administration last week ordered at least 30,000 IRS workers back to their offices, where they have been working to process refunds without pay. It was one of the biggest steps the government has taken to mitigate the shutdown’s impact on Americans’ lives. But IRS employees across the country — some in coordinated protest, others out of financial necessity — won’t be clocking in, according to Tony Reardon, president of the National Treasury Employees Union, and several local union officials. The work action is widespread and includes employees from a processing center in Ogden, Utah, to the Brookhaven campus on New York’s Long Island. The move is the leading edge of pushback from within the IRS, and it signals the potential for civil servants to take actions that could slow or cripple government functions as the shutdown’s political stalemate continues in Washington. U.S. Department of Agriculture meat inspectors have begun to call in sick, Transportation Security Administration sickouts at airports have been rising, and federal law enforcement agencies say the shutdown is increasing stress among agents and affecting investigations….”