Sunday, January 13, 2019

Research: Why We Like Horror Stories? They’re Good For Us

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Research: Why We Like Horror Films? They’re Good For Us

“Horror movies tend to imaginatively transport consumers into fictional universes that brim with dangers,” the researchers write. “Through such imaginative absorption, people get to experience strong, predominantly negative emotions within a safe context. This experience serves as a way of preparing for real-world threat situations.” – Pacific Standard

Aruni & Saliya

November 2, 2019Colombo, Sri Lanka

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It’s Increasingly Difficult To Make A Living As A Writer. Why?

There was a time when writers – of books, of magazine articles – could make a decent middle class living. That’s increasingly rare. And yet, if anything, we’re reading more. So what has happened? – The New York Times

The Taste-Maker Industrial Complex

It used to be that a handful of glossy magazines and fashion houses determined what’s cool. No longer. And perhaps that explains how “streetwear” has taken over and become big business. –BBC