Saturday, January 12, 2019

Bezos - Dear 2600: on 13th

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 If there's one thing everybody knows about Jeff Bezos, it's that he's obscenely rich. He has the kind of fortune that is too mind-boggling to exist in physical dollars and cents, but rather just ...

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SHE WOUND UP WITH SWOLLEN EYELIDS: Woman given erectile dysfunction cream for dry eye in prescription mixup

THAT’S ONE WELL-BUILT SUV: Mercedes-Benz G-Wagen Drives Off 3rd Floor of Hollywood Parking Garage, Lands on Roof. “The driver, amazingly, survived.”

“Dear 2600: I think my girlfriend has been cheating on me and I wanted to know if I could get her password to Hotmail and AOL. I am so desperate to find out. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

And this is yet another popular category of letter we get. You say any help would be appreciated? Let’s find out if thats true. Do you think someone who is cheating on you might also be capable of having a mailbox you don’t know about? Do you think that even if you could get into the mailbox she uses that she would be discussing her deception there, especially if we live in a world where Hotmail and AOL passwords are so easily obtained? Finally, would you feel better if you invaded her privacy and found out that she was being totally honest with you? Whatever problems are going on in this relationship are not going to be solved with subterfuge. If you can’t communicate openly, there’s not much there to salvage.”
Emmanuel Goldstein,
Dear Hacker: Letters to the Editor of 2600