Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Selected Latitude ACDC 💗 CNN Type Whispers

This story has got it all. Rush to judgment, confirmation bias, cowardly celebrity journalists, Social Justice Keyboard Warriors, the whole nine yards -the whole kit and kaboodle 

As does CNN.

We hope  the hard lessons are clear: the 72-hour Rule always applies; ascribe not to malice what could be from another cause, until more facts are known; the Braying Mob destroys as easily as the Kind Herd lifts up. We are trying to learn that ourselves.

Phillips got his video and the story went out. He got his interviews and he got to frame the story, and although almost every word he said was wrong, he never thought his narrative could be disproved.
The only reason it was disproved (for those with eyes to see and ears to hear) was that someone else was videotaping the whole thing, not just the part he wanted to air. Almost certainly unbeknownst to Phillips, someone else had started recording long before Phillips moved into the crowd of boys.
That “someone” was apparently part of the Black Israelite group that was harassing the teenagers with racial and other threats and insults…
That was the longer video that showed that it was the Covington students who were being abused and who were actually being rather polite and non-confrontational under some very trying circumstances…
That was the video that proved Phillips was lying. And that was the video he never thought would exist.
And if that longer video hadn’t existed, Phillips would have succeeded in the technique that Professor Jacobson has described, because no one would have believed the students against the word of this righteous Native American elderly guy.
No wonder Phillips is now muttering that he won’t have an Obama-style “beer summit” (root beer summit?) with the Covington kids because “He (Sandmann) stole my narrative.” Somebodystole his narrative, but the rules of the identity politics left gives him no choice who to blame.

QUEENSLAND Senator Pauline Hanson charged taxpayers for flights to Hobart, where her daughter lives, for a trip that coincided with her birthday.
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Taxpayers billed for birthday flights