Monday, January 07, 2019

Kiss What Is Left of Your Medical Data Privacy Goodbye

The Architecture Research That Is Changing, And Charging Up, Human Rights

Research architecture is the name for an organized movement of investigative journalists, AI experts, archaeologists, lawyers, and others who are engaged in “the politics of space, especially how it is manipulated by states and corporations against civilians and the environment – from drone strikes in Pakistan to mining in the Amazon.” – The Guardian (UK)

Kiss What Is Left of Your Medical Data Privacy Goodbye

While you weren’t looking, a full-bore assault on what is left of your medical privacy has been gaining ground

Should we think of Big Tech as Big Brother? FT (DL). Throwing a flag on the Betteridge’s Law violation, here. “Surveillance capitalists are not only able to monetise our data but can also use it to predict our behaviour and thereby modify it. In mechanical terms, they are no longer just sensors but actuators.”
Curbs on A.I. Exports? Silicon Valley Fears Losing Its Edge NYT. You say “stunt the [AI] industry in the U.S.” like that’s a bad thing.

Vinyl Sales Grew By Leaps And Bounds In 2018 – And So Did Cassettes

Wait, cassette tapes? Yes (driven, as movie fans could guess, byGuardians of the Galaxy compilations). “Vinyl sales grew by just shy of 12 percent from 8.6 to 9.7 million sales, while cassette sales grew by almost 19 percent from 99,400 to 118,200 copies sold in the US.” But CD sales were in freefall, making physical media take another dip. – The Verge

Breaking Down The Critic-Proof Appeal Of A Netflix Film

Why is anyone, much less seeminglyeveryone, watching Netflix’s deeply mediocre (if even that)Bird Box? Some critics try to explain. For one thing: “It’s like a taunt: The negative reviews pour in, so the streaming site ― which otherwise doesn’t publicize viewership data ― deflects with a not-so-humble brag that can’t be fact-checked. How convenient.” – HuffPost

Everything About The 2019 Golden Globes

Here’s a collection of stories and a future live-blog for the ceremony, which starts at 8 Eastern tonight. –Los Angeles Times