Friday, January 04, 2019

Is Culture Just Bias In Job Interviews?

“Dear Caesar 
Keep Burning, raping, killing 
But please, please 
Spare us your obscene poetry 
And ugly music ” 

Holding a Grudge Can Be Good for You

When You Like Your Job but Hate Your Office Culture

Popular apps share data with Facebook without user consent FT. “[T]he US company’s developer kit did not give the option of waiting for a user’s permission before transmitting some types of data.”
Didn’t Get the Job? The Robots May Not Have Liked Your Social Media Activity (video) WSJ (UserFriendly). Clever use of slider-bars to model personalities as bundles of entirely independent traits, driven by data mined from social media personae.

This Little-Known Libertarian Training School Is Making Federal Judges More Conservative In These Times (MC). If you read ECONNED, you will know this name well! It featured prominently in our Chapter 5, “How ‘Free Markets’ Was Sold.”

Meet ‘The World’s First Sleep Storyteller-In-Residence’

Phoebe Smith writes what are basically bedtime stories for grownups, 20-to-40-minute narratives that are recorded by actors such as Stephen Fry and Joanna Lumley and listened to on an app called Calm, created to help people fall asleep. — The Guardian

The Universal Language Of Gestures

Sometimes the meaning of a gesture is obvious, but mostly we have to know the culture before we can interpret it. Many are so unconscious that there’s a pleasure of recognition when we encounter them in Francois Caradec’s list — as when, in a pub, we draw a circle with our index finger above some glasses: ‘another round, please’. We forget we might have to explain it to someone from a different culture. – The Spectator

Is Culture Just Bias In Job Interviews?

The most common method for evaluating a candidate’s potential is the unstructured job interview, which is a weak predictor of future job performance. The interview is especially used to assess culture fit. At worst, it boils down to a gut feeling of good chemistry or rapport that interviewers get from the candidate. At best, this results in well-meaning interviewers trying to ignore the very factors that cause that experience, such as charisma, attractiveness, and likability, as well as any attributes or background they share with the candidate. – Fast Company