Saturday, December 20, 2014

Randwick Megawick Village: Divide & Rule

Slavery and capitalism. The relationship between the two is key to understanding the origins of the modern world... Loss of Common Sense and lack of humanity

There are many stories about loss of local identity - the act of selective sharing by privatising profits and socialising losses ... Follow the money and self interest and language:

"Successful and sustainable organisations are those which embrace the future, and set a course whereby they become a magnet for attracting opportunities to power them from strength to strength."

"Unfortunately, despite Council's excellent financial and asset management position, we do not satisfy the NSW Government's requirement for 'scale and capacity' (ie. population size)."
The state government has given councils until the end of June to either apply for mergers or explain why they are sustainable in their current form. Known as the Failing or Fit For Future program, this includes $258 million in incentives for councils that merge voluntarily Randwick residents asked to size up their neighbours for mega council mergers

Revitalising Local Government recommended that a large number of councils amalgamate. It also requires most councils to submit a Fit for the Future application to access various benefits and freedoms, such as more flexibility setting rates, by proving they are well-governed and financially healthy – or at least have workable plans to be.

PR firms and PR consultants are drafting all kinds of documents for independent consultants and community groups ... "The X Group is committed to conducting all of its business in an honest and ethical manner.

In accordance with the Bribery Legislation, we operate governance by implementing and enforcing robust policies and procedures to guard against any illegal behaviour.

Y acts openly in relation to all of its dealings with customers, colleagues, suppliers and all third party contacts.  If any of our colleagues, customers, suppliers or any third party we work with have any concerns or issues that they wish to raise then they should contact our Group Company Secretary.

Z has a zero tolerance approach to any breach of the Bribery legilsation and any issues raised will be treated with the upmost importance ;-)
Our independent media consultant, has confirmed our position as the State’s number one council for financial management. To quote them, the City “meets or exceeds all measures” in the Government’s own “Fit for the Future” slogan for local government. They said the City’s financial position “can’t get much better than where we are at the moment”.

Fit for the Future Future Directions for NSW Towards 3333
Rejecting mergers wont financially ruin councils 
Specter of George Orwell - Making Local Government Stronger

Fit For Orwell's Future

tony abbott
The judges for this year’s Prime Minister’s Literary Award for fiction chose to give the $80,000 prize to Steven Carroll for A World of Other People. Then Tony Abbott stepped in (it’s his award, right?) to decree that Carroll should split the prize with Richard Flanagan for The Narrow Road to the Deep North, which had already won this year’s Man Booker Prize. This did not make many people happy.
Guardian Australia 

 In this context, note these two comics from Reparrish and cry:
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Someone who is just there watching and learning, but does not give back or actively shares within the community itself is all fine, but the real learning and relationships and network building comes when you become an active part of the community…It is those connections that are created by you reaching out and connecting and communicating with others that lead to the deeper learning that happens within a personal learning network”