Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Cafe Opera filled with contraversy

We have been lucky a number of times to invade the Cafe once a year and we love it - the variety and amount of food is wonderful and the staff are always attentive and friendly. Oysters galore ... We have never been disappointed with the food, the seating (never squashed, always elegant and plenty of room) or the service - in fact we are always more than pleased with the atmosphere 

Memorable moments with Mal and Dr Cope at Cafe Opera of Memories

"Only by means of debate will truth be established..."

An uncanny anticipation of Milton and Mill, and from Hungary in the 19th century there is the gloss by Rabbi Moses Schick, who himself had a role in a community-wide schism, that “sometimes it is our duty to make a quarrel . . . For the sake of truth we are not only permitted to make a quarrel, we are obligated to make a quarrel.”

The argumentative Characters. Disagreements are not only real, they are ideal, says Leon Wieseltier. “A universe of controversy is a universe of tolerance”... The Colour of Life filled with Wonderful contradictions