Friday, December 26, 2014

Boy Oh Boy Boxing Day

Dear Kids The Awl. While this is suitably upbeat, in an interesting contrarian way, I stil take issue with it. It’s one thing to be beset by external threats. It’s another to see the fabric of your own society being shredded for the mere sake of profit and bad ideology.  

Do Not Listen to the Crazy Man Telling You to Quit Your Job Gawker (JTFaraday)

Lodge repair bill doubles

The Lodge
RENOVATIONS to the PM’s official Canberra residence have blown out to $6.4m — more than double the initial estimate.

Comedy a flop, try adult theme

LABOR and Liberals need to take a good hard look at themselves, and each other.

Grimm tidings. A Congressman pleads guilty to tax fraud involving a restaurant he owned. From the New York Times:
Michael G. Grimm, the Republican representing New York’s 11th Congressional District, who carried the burden of a 20-count federal indictment to a landslide re-election in November, pleaded guilty on Tuesday to a single felony charge of tax fraud.
Representative Grimm said he had no intention of stepping down. “Absolutely not,” he said.

Intoxication is an allure best managed, not escaped. This insight – simple and profound – stretches back to Euripides, at a time when drunkenness was new Memories of Nanny June's Christmas Luncheon

Beer For Creativity: ‘The Problem Solver’ Comes With Scale To Measure When You’re At Your ‘Creative Peak’ Medical Daily. Chuck L: “So you’re at your most creative just before you’re too drunk to legally drive (0.08 in most states).”

Pain Really Does Make Us Gain The New Yorker. What’s the best kind of pain?[1] 

Death by a thousand apps. Self-reliance has given way to learned helplessness. Automation makes our lives safer and easier. But the costs are dear Cuts

The folly of fame. Why do we think being remembered will make us immortal? Blame a cognitive blip, part of our evolutionary constitution In Pursuit of Emptiness

Listen closely to two decades of The New York Times’s nonfiction best-seller list and you will hear a shrill cry for help from the American people Cry Cold River Cry

Pity Santas elves. They work all year for a jolly but demanding boss who pays a pittance – or nothing at all – and hogs all the credit  Reality of Boxing Day

Seamus Heaney disdained the righteous, the politically certain, the morally overbearing. He was committed to complication Hard Arguments

Debt Collectors Hound Millions of Retired Americans NBC 

Ancient Egyptian technology may be our first line of defense from hospital infections Daily Kos (furzy mouse). Remember the Three Magis’ gifts of frankensense, gold and myrrh? Myrrh, a natural antibiotic, was the most expense of the three at the time.