Monday, December 22, 2014

NSW Parliamentary Arena: ALP's Vic win unlikely to replicate in NSW

When the last firestorm to engulf John Robertson blew up last year over his admission that in 2006 he was offered a $3 million "bribe" from businessman Michael McGurk but did not report it to police, two words sprang to the lips of many Labor MPs: poor judgment.
They made it clear that Robertson was on notice. With the revelation that as local MP he signed a letter for Lindt cafe siege gunman Man Haron Monis, the Opposition Leader appears to have run out of chances.
On Monday, MPs were once again left decrying the "poor judgment" he has shown over this latest incident.
Last year there  Sean Nicholls: This Time ....were frantic – and ultimately successful – moves to hose down a push to replace him as leader.

NSW Opposition Leader John Robertson is under pressure to resign today, as MPs and officials canvass support for rivals after revelations Mr Robertson wrote a letter conveying a request from Man Haron Monis, the gunman behind the Sydney siege.
John Robertsons

Is the Liberal Party's goose cooked?

  1. Crikey-2 Dec 2014
    Tell 'em they're dreaming”) talking about the mess the NSW ALP is in over ... has been down this track too, its opposition is an election strategy, not a plan at all). Alex did fail to mention the endorsement of Mike Baird's plan by ...

The Baird Government's popularity is a lesson for Abbott

Business Spectator-2 Dec 2014
... government can't be a significant factor in the recent Victorian election. ... Yes, on average the NSW network businesses have to serve a ... target scheme, the NSW Baird Government was expanding its very similar scheme.

ICAC calls for party chiefs to face tough new sanctions for breach of ...

The ICAC has heard allegations that some NSW Liberal Party officials used ... envelopes of cash to Liberal candidates before the last state election. ... A spokesman for Mr Baird said: "The NSW government is awaiting the final ...

Builder of light rail from Circular Quay to eastern suburbs to face ...

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"For a Premier seeking re-election on his ability to deliver projects, this is ... "Mike Baird and Gladys Berejiklian need to explain how they've ...

If you can't bribe 'em, blackmail 'em: Baird's ominous new strategy
  1. Crikey-27 Nov 2014
    Baird's re-election pitch is set out in a 23-page booklet called “Rebuilding NSW — State Infrastructure Strategy 2014” containing $20 billion ...
Latest State and Federal Polling
  1. I will have a new post on the final polls on Election Day 29 ... but as it is, the Coalition should win the next NSW election in March 2015 easily.

    Prime Minister Paul Keating gets a hug and kiss from enthusiastic supporter, as wife Anni
Prime Minister Paul Keating gets a hug and kiss from enthusiastic supporter, as wife Annita looks on as he leaves Bankstown Sports Club, in Bankstown, following his speech to claim victory in 1993 Federal Election