Thursday, December 11, 2014

Ong Ngoai & Crises Over Chocolade & Champagne

If you want to see the gap between the House of Lords and reality for yourself, then just look at their champagne budget Independent

In pics: barn-find car collection worth £12 millionTelegraph. Li: “It’ll make Ritholtz nervous. The cars are incredible, particularly the Bugatti..”

A looming chocolate supply crisis, and nine other risks for 2015  Chocolate supply crisis 

A small shared Bankstown apartment, an old sedan, a job as a waiter and dole payments– such was the world of Vietnamese refugee Peter Tan Hoang. Except for the $1 billion that he gambled at Australia's biggest casino, Crown, in little more than a decade. 
Intelligence gathered by state and federal law enforcement agencies during the mid 2000s suggests Hoang was involved with a group of Vietnamese-Australians that formed the Australian end of a Hong Kong-based crime group known as Ong Ngoai – or "grandfather" in Vietnamese. vietnamese orphan highrolling $1 Billion at Crown Casino