Monday, December 01, 2014

Artistic Dreamers Wanted

“No bad big idea achieves its full cultural potential without first being sacralized by Wired magazine,” writes Jacob Silverman. Crowdsourcing is one such idea...Space for Tacey

  • Don't let them run arts companies
    Here was an opportunity for a board to appoint an artist, and instead they had appointed a manager

    Rigid morality, hypersensitivity, no taste for bad taste: The art world is now among the more self-policing areas of contemporary culture... Bohemian Orwellians

    For Leonard Bernstein, showbiz success was never enough. According to Stephen Sondheim, Bernstein suffered from a “bad case of important-itis”... Bean counting life

    The rise of cubism. What happened in Paris in 1910 can be thanked or blamed for almost everything in art that came later that century... Cubic Scapegoat

    “As useless as a fat child in a flood.” The worldly incompetence of Dylan Thomas was key to his boyish charm... Useless Luck

    In the years before World War II, there was at least one thing intellectuals could agree on:Stefan Zweig wasn’t a very good writer... After Cold War it is now Jozef Imrich ;-)