Thursday, December 11, 2014

How Much Does “In Cold Blood” Matters

How Much Does It Matter That “In Cold Blood” Wasn’t 100 Percent Accurate?

Laura Miller looks at some recent controversy over Truman Capote’s account of a Kansas murder case and the relationship between crime fiction, true-crime narratives, and how Americans perceive the criminal justice system.

It’s Easy – Too Easy? – To Write About Yourself

“The bot encourages you to communicate in emojis, but you can also add words. Everything you say is logged on your iPhone, and the idea is that if you’re diligent and reply every time it asks you what’s up, eventually you have yourself a journal.”

“It is very hard to be both a reader and a villain. Reading helps you understand the world around you and relate to how your behaviour effects others. It should be encouraged as much as possible.”
 The Guardian (UK) 

Is Our Literary world Set Up To Exclude Poor People

“While some aspiring writers from less privileged backgrounds do find their way to graduate school, they remain substantially outnumbered. Because socioeconomic disparities in the United States have long coincided with gender and race, that factor of class goes a long way in determining the demographic makeup of grad programs. This has far-reaching consequences for who gets represented in the American literary canon that graduate-educated writers are increasingly coming to dominate.”