Monday, December 01, 2014

Like Reinvention, Hell has changed a lot over the years

One billion Facebook users, 400 million tweets per day. Occasional banal blog entry  on theatre of absurd vis Media Dragon. The ethos of our time: I want not to be alone. Are social media making people less interested in God?... We are all going to virtual Heaven

Hell has changed a lot over the years, from a place of stillness to one of fiery torment to gaudy satire. It all depends on what sells... Exchanging Putin for ...

The Amerikan woman who shot  Slovak Andy Warhol. A foul-mouthed lesbian who hated men, Valerie Solanas had a talent for self-destruction... Absurdity of Life

Noah Berlatsky spent the past two years working on a book about William Marston, creator of Wonder Woman. Now a soul-crushing reality check: Jill Lepore beat him to it... Cold Reality of Slow Food movements

Matthew Arnolds culture war--and ours. The mutton-chopped prophet of high culture lost his battle with the forces of anarchy. It’s our loss, too... Memories of Arthur King