Thursday, December 18, 2014

Czech Out Harry Hotel a Cuban Pub on corner of Goulburn & Wentworth St

Dirty Harry

Data on Christmas songs

Saroeun and Comrades please share this one - a Cuban joke which we hope will become obsolete:

One Cuban young woman complains to another. “He lied to me! He told me that he was a luggage handler! It turns out, he’s nothing but a neurosurgeon!”

There are many other Cuba posts from MR, interesting throughout!

Restaurant discounts based on weight (can you guess which way they go? Discrimination against 187 cm 97kg media dragons )

I give them my ocean 'Bra Beach weight:

Man floating in Dead Sea while reading, under an umbrella

 Dutch bankers take religious oaths

Sitting for longer than four hours a day increases a person’s chance of suffering chronic disease.
Now, inspired to address the lack of physical activity in modern work life, one French designer believes he might have created the answer.
With just two legs, the ‘Inactivite’ chair relies on the user engaging the muscles in their core to keep it upright. Benoit Malta, the man behind the creation, said he wanted to encourage movement for those office workers who spent around 70 per cent of the day sitting down.
There is video and further description at the link