Saturday, April 23, 2016

RIP Prince:The Art of Survival in Utopia

It’s always educational to observe the behavior of wildlife in their natural habitat. For example, we learn that there’s nothing more vicious than a wild animal that’s cornered. Speaking of animals:

Oh! kangaroos, sequins, chocolate sodas!
You really are beautiful! Pearls,
harmonicas, jujubes, aspirins! all
the stuff they've always talked about
still makes a poem a surprise!
These things are with us every day
even on beachheads and biers. They
do have meaning. They're strong as rocks.

Frank O'Hara (1926-1966) was associated with the New York School, a group of poets, artists, dancers and musicians that created art during the 1950s and '60s


"Prince did it all. Funk. R&B. Rock and roll. He was a virtuoso instrumentalist, a brilliant bandleader, and an electrifying performer " 
~ Obama 

"Dearly Beloved we are gathered here today to get through this thing we call ‘Life.'” Prince 1958 – 2016.

Tributes in purple to superstar Prince BBC. Even the FT has this as its top story.

PRINCE’S shock death has appeared to confirm what many people have been saying: 2016 is proving to be a horrible year for celebrities. The year was not even a fortnight old when the shocking news came through that rock legend David Bowie had died. Since then a string of other famous faces have lost their lives — many of them too soon. Here’s a look at some of the big names who sadly left us Talent Tributes: deaths in 2016 - the famous faces who have passed

HEAVEN’S BUILDING QUITE A BAND THIS YEAR: RIP blues guitar great Lonnie Mack

Creativity Is Much More Than 10,000 Hours of Deliberate Practice Scientific American

The Most Influential People such as IMRICH in the World Time List – 2016

A metaphor creates a "little event in the mind of the reader." They make the familiar strange and the strange familiar Imrich Yet Impoor

If the KGB did not give you a code name IMRICH, the link below includes five money habits you, or your kids, can form in your twenties that will guarantee you’ll be rich by 40 by David Koch

lion cubs links
Facebook considers letting users add a tip jar to make money from post 

Introducing ‘The President Erdogan Offensive Poetry Competition’ – £1000 prize to be won Spectator. NC readers have provide many clever original poems in the comments section. Time to put those talents to profitable use!

From Verizon to McDonald’s, the Worker Strikes Back American Prospect

Google Books can go back to scanning.  As an author, I am happy.  As a reader and researcher, I am happy too

IT’S the question asked at every quiz night. Who wrote this famous song? If you guess Prince you’ve got a good chance of being right because when he wasn’t creating classics like Purple Rain, Little Red Corvette, 1999, Let’s Go Crazy — he was handing over hits to other performers. His songs were often their biggest successes.
As the New York Post wrote after the sad news of his death, Prince was so good, “he had to manufacture his own opposition”. No doubt casual fans will be aware he was behind at least a few of these tracks, but some should take you by surprise ...

It is also an example of great achievements in light of an epilepsy:
As a teenager, following a severe head injury—the result of her efforts to protect another slave—Tubman developed a lifelong, chronic condition, with debilitating symptoms that have been described as being similar to those of narcolepsy and temporal lobe epilepsy.
Here is that source.  Here are many other sources

London gets its first naked restaurant, waiting list already at 5,000 Independent

TaxGrrrl, On 4/20, It’s High Time To Think About Taxes, Revenues & Marijuana. It’s always 4:20 somewhere

Kay Bell, Considering marijuana and taxes on 4/20 

William Perez, Tax Advice for Cannabis Entrepreneurs

CRS report – The U.S. Intelligence Community: Selected Cross – Cutting Issues, Anne Daugherty Miles, Analyst in Intelligence and National Security Policy. April 12, 2016.
“This report focuses on cross-cutting management issues that affect the Intelligence Community’s (IC’s) ability to counter “pervasive and emerging threats” to the United States and balance resources both appropriately and wisely.