Friday, April 08, 2016

Anatomy of Art, Creativity & Panama Papers

~ The Company of Wolves a Neil Jordan film

As my friend Edwin noted, "An essential aspect of creativity is not being afraid to fail" ... As trivia, of bad attitude social fame, night approaches, note this analogy “Great spirits” vs. “mediocre minds”” Creativity - well some Peter's Principle characters at Latitude would not know how to spill czech it... ;-) Whatever you do try to think, talk differently. People even look at you differently if you wear a bow tie, as opposed to a necktie...

The leak of the Panama Papers offers Sanders the opportunity to tell Clinton and the rest of the establishment “I told you so”. Similarly, Jeremy Corbyn is able to do the same at home as the Prime Minister sweats under the heat of accusations surrounding his late father’s offshore dealings. Yesterday the Labour leader’s Twitter account shared a video of Corbyn calling for serious reform as the Tory benches laughed off his questioning.
How Panama papers proved Bernie Sanders and Jeremy Corbyn right
squirrel photographer ilnks
EU vows to act quickly on Panama Papers Politico. Getting in front of a mob and calling it a parade…
France is moving Defend Democracy

Neither Liberals nor Labor plan to act, despite 800 Australians being on files of Mossack Fonseca and contrary to pledges at Brisbane G20 meeting in 2014. Panama papers: neither major Australian party will outlaw shell companies

Corbyn capitalises on Cameron's tax affairs as global scandal deepens  (m

Panama Papers: Tax havens and the new politics  

Cameron stepped in to shield offshore trusts from EU tax crackdown in 2013
How fury over tax havens moved from the margins to the mainstream  
Why Aren't More Americans In The Panama Papers? Secrecy, Tax Laws In Nevada, Other States Provide Havens   
Unlike the secrets exposed by the Panama Papers, big US tax dodging is done in full public view  Pfizer formally abandons $160bn Allergan deal after US tax inversion clampdown  
Pfizer shows that its Allergan merger was chiefly a tax dodge  
Tax rules that killed Allergan-Pfizer deal may be hard to challenge  
US Plans to Require Banks to Identify Owners of Shell Companies  
 Hats off to the brave Panama whistleblower  
 Panama Papers: HMRC 'starved' by austerity could not pursue tax evaders even if it wanted to  
 The Panama Papers' Sprawling Web of Corruption  
 Panama Papers: Why is money-laundering so easy in Panama?  
 Roll call of top Tory tycoons exposed in #PanamaLeaks 
 Mossack Fonseca & Ashcroft  
 In foreign bribery cases, leniency offered to companies that turn over employees  
 US Justice Dept launches corporate foreign bribery disclosure program  
 Obama: 'tax avoidance is a big global problem'  
German tax officials eyed Mossack Fonseca before Panama Papers leak  
Hats off to the brave Panama whistleblower   
Panama Papers stolen by hackers, says Mossack Fonseca   
'Panama Papers' Puts Spotlight on Boom in Offshore Services  

Locked in the files of a Panama law firm are the answers to mysteries involving Van Goghs, Picassos, Rembrandts and other masterworks