Monday, April 11, 2016

Awkward Space and Glances: Moores of Sheils

I feel it’s a kind of responsibility to critique things that you think are bad – but I also feel an almost moral obligation to propagate hope
~Bathroom Quote

“…when you really want something and almost get it but then don’t—like when you lose a bet on a long shot by a nose—you taste both success and failure at the same time, and as a result, you feel nothing.”
 ~a Sense of nothing

Man escapes car dangling on Malibu cliff, only to be hit by bus Reuters

Marianne Moore’s poetry of the small produces “the feeling that life is softly exploding around us,” as John Ashbery put it. Is she our greatest modern poet?... A Soul survives iron curtain crossing only to be  hit by awkward sense nothingness 

Charlotte Brontë’s awkwardness. The unrequited love, the early-morning wedding, the incident with the hairpiece -- her social life was in her writing

Encounters between people, it often seems to me, are like crossings of racing trains at breakneck speed in the deepest night. We cast fleeting, rushed looks at the others sitting behind dull glass in dim light, who disappear from our field of vision as soon as we barely have time to perceive them. 
~ Pascal Mercier

In those Simp-kings like high heel shoes “She looked hotter than a welder’s torch and much, much more interesting.”

There was an interesting article in theNew York Times Magazine recently about the nature of meetings, how we continue to have them despite our deep disliking of them, and some ways that people are trying to deconstruct meetings to make them more effective. The title of the article? “Meet is Murder”(!)

The study of creativity carries a quasi-scientific aura and a seemingly irresistible appeal to the business traveler. Thomas Frank is dubious
How to get rid of books cluttering your apartment

Dude No LanD I am in mourning for my life

How to tell if other people think you're attractive according to science Peters and Stephens in Lattitude have a formular

Married at first sight episode

~ I Had Trouble in Getting to Solla Sollew a Dr Seuss novel

So many people tolerate racism which is not even close to acceptable because they are happy to do the sideways glance. ...
“Yo Alan, I think you’re a count (sic) and I challenge you to a duel,” she began. The post included a photo of Jones standing in front of a banner with the word “count” on it, Jones unknowingly blocking the “o”.
“Yo Alan, I think you’re a count” ... Plum slams Sunrise and Alan Jones.
“Yo Alan, I think you’re a count” ... Plum slams Sunrise and Alan Jones.Source:Facebook
Sunrise slammed for being racist

Picture this: Why image is everything for our politicians

Tennessee Lawmaker Exiled Because He May Pose A Risk To ‘Unsuspecting Women’ Huffington Post

The lies we tell are more convincing when we need to pee Guardian

Teen carves slogan on ex-soldier's head in jail

ISIS flag The manager of a NSW prison has been stood down after a young Islamic State supporter allegedly attacked a former Australian soldier in a jail cell.

Apart from a chief of staff, Bay Warburton, Mr Baird employs numerous other senior staff in policy, communications and strategy roles. They include two former journalists, Nigel Blunden and Imre Salusinszky​. Mr Blunden is director of strategy and Mr Salusinszky is communications director
Record staff numbers in Mike Baird's office as wages bill hits $5.6m a year

Why Mike Baird And Julie Bishop Rule Social Media - Huffington Post

 One year since NSW election, Mike Baird's sheen starts to wear off

Social Media on  Mike Baird

Premier Mike Baird orders staff to stop embarrassing him 

Mike Baird's online presence costs us $600 a day 

Baird takes social media guru on Israel trip

Wollongong man tours Israel with Mike Baird  

Corruption allegations lead to questions for key WestConnex ...

Coalmining does more harm than good, say majority in NSW – poll

Parramatta members to be given chance to prevent Eels privatisation raids 

A sad day for Sydney center as one of the last bastions of history is going .... Dr Cope's pottery collection at Powerhouse Museum to call Parramatta home

Sydney other historic Spot State Library of NSW to turn $3bn collection over to private sector