Saturday, September 26, 2015

Wedding Bells inside the Capertee Valley: The Grandiest Canyon in the World

After Bullabara at C's Blue Mountain retreat, we are star gazing and bird watching with Michael and Yvonne at Capertee ;-) The cheeky lyrebirds are imitating wedding bells for the German and Antipodean spiritual connection ... Dominic and Kerry cooked up a feast and Ralph made sure all the wine and spirits were consumed ;-)

Airlie mine is in the Capertee Valley, the biggest enclosed gorge in the southern hemisphere.

Capertee Valley is surrounded by the Blue Mountains World Heritage Area, Wollemi Wilderness, Coorongooba, Gardens of Stone, Capertee National Park and Bicentennial trail at Glen Alice and the Great Dividing range in the north of the valley.

Bordering on Wollemi National Park and the Blue Mountains, Capertee Valley is the largest enclosed valley of Australia provides spectacular views of rock formations and escarpments of what has been called Australia’s unknown Grand Canyon. It is the second largest canyon in the world Grandest Canyon Capertee It is an advantage to own three pairs of eyes as there is a feast of Wildlife

wiradjuri country capertee

The Capertee Valley is on the outskirts of the Mudgee region, toward Lithgow. It includes Glen Davis and Glen Alice, both very historic villages. The Valley is the largest enclosed Gorge in the Southern Hemisphere, being almost 30km across and sitting about 800m above sea-level and until recently, a Hidden Gem of lyrebirds. The area has recently been re-discovered by tree changers wanting a peaceful refuge from Sydney’s busy lifestyle. Its present economy is farming and mining, plus whatever the often semi-retired professionals bring to it, whether artists, writers, IT communicators or in the hospitality industry. History

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