Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Italian Film and Soap Opera Festival MMXV and Corbyn Opera

Italy makes good cinema. Great cinema. Really, really great cinema. But have you ever noticed that you don’t tend to watch it? Not only do the films tend to suffer from a serious case of subtitles, but they’re often also perceived as being serious art. It’s a combination that moves films into the “should see” rather than the “want to see” category for many, and well, who has time?
Yet the country of Sergio Leone and Roberto Benigni has also given us much in the way of light, entertaining cinema. Which is why it is great to see the 16th Lavazza Italian Film Festival (opening this week in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Byron Bay; and in the coming weeks in Canberra, Perth, Brisbane and Hobart) take a big focus on comedy, with half the festival dedicated to laughter from the home of Latin. Ten 10 films at the Italian film festival

How to end boom and bust: make cash illegal Telegraph. “Once all money exists only in bank accounts – monitored, or even directly controlled by the government – the authorities will be able to encourage us to spend more when the economy slows, or spend less when it is overheating.” What could go wrong?

‘We won’t stand for it’: Army top brass warn there will be a MUTINY if Jeremy Corbyn becomes Prime Minister Daily Mail. From the Times to the Daily Mail in one news cycle. Impressive.

Jeremy Corbyn and the rise of groupthink Centre for European Reform. “Rise”? Totally unlike forty years of “because markets.” So interesting to watch publication after publication disqualifying themselves with Corbynsteria.

Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership might shake more than Britain Martin Wolf, FT

People’s QE: no big deal Stumbling and Mumbling

David Cameron put ‘private part’ in dead pig’s mouth, shock biography claims Express. “I’m sorry, Dave. I’m afraid I can’t do that.” (And what seems to be a make good from The Mail.)