Monday, September 14, 2015

54 versus 44: Bondi Iceberg Swimmer Malcolm Turnbull Diving for Leadership

Shakespearean or Greek dramas ... Bondi Iceberger, Malcolm, wins by ten votes : Julia wins by 40  (70:30) votes ...
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Steve Kilbey’s memoir, Something Quite Peculiar, published late last year by Hardie Grant Books, recounts life before, during and after fame found him via his band The Church. In the following extract he recalls 1971 when as an ambitious debating champion he encounters the far more ambitious Malcolm Turnbull, a “fucking square” boy-man. Kilbey’s mother presciently declared in her kitchen: “One day he’ll be the prime minister of Australia”.
Steve Kilbey on his and Malcolm Turnbull’s adolescent fumbles (in love and politics)

INK BOTTLE“‘What you do in this world is a matter of no consequence,’ returned my companion, bitterly. ‘The question is, what can you make people believe that you have done.’” Malcolm's Dream comes True

For the fourth time in just over two years and two months, Australia has a new Prime Minister...

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Image for the news resultIf @TonyAbbottMHR goes, his last public words as PM were: "By God,our country is so much better than this." #libspill

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If the ABC cross to the spill live Tony Abbott will technically be breaking his own rule about appearing on #qanda

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Getting on with the job of delivering the Northern Connector in Adelaide - more jobs & less congestion on SA roads
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Most voters Love Malcolm Just hours earlier, Mr Abbott dismissed leadership speculation during a media event in South Australia. "I just am not going to get caught up in Canberra gossip, I'm not going to play Canberra games," he said. "I know that sometimes the media particularly like to play the Canberra game, but I'm not going to get involved with it Leadership Spill an Eventful Flexi Day

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    Live blog: Malcolm Turnbull, Julie Bishop request Liberal leadership ballot from Tony Abbott - Liberal Leadership ...
    ABC - 15 mins ago

    Tony Abbott and Malcolm Turnbull will go head to head in a Liberal leadership spill tonight, with Scott Morrison announcing he will back the Prime Minister.
    Malcolm Turnbull has secured at least 60 votes of the parliamentary Liberal party, which would be enough to secure him the prime ministership, according to Liberal MPs counting the numbers ahead of Monday night's leadership ballot.

    One of the best organised coups in my time was Andrew Peacock's removal of John Howard in 1989. The numbers were organised with military precision. Although with little policy, Peacock won. From there on it was all downhill and Peacock lost the 1990 federal election. But that was from Opposition; more is at risk when dumping a sitting Prime Minister.

    Jeff Kennet lost ...

    he fallout for the Australian Public Service from the new Malcolm Turnbull prime ministership remains to be seen.
    But within hours he had reportedly taken one unorthodox step – by asking his former department secretary at Communications, Drew Clarke, to come with him as acting chief of staff in the new Prime Minister's Office Malcolm Turnbull is good news for the public service 

    As has been widely noted, Malcolm Turnbull is our fifth prime minister in as many years. You have to go back to the 1901-1909 pre two-party period for a roughly similar record. Then it was six leaders in seven years. But the analogy is only superficial. The protagonists – Barton (briefly), Watson (briefly), Deakin, Reid (briefly) and finally Fisher – rose and fell based on their ability to create parliamentary majorities for particular measures. The parties – Free Traders, Protectionists and Labor – differed fiercely. They represented the two variants of nineteenth century liberalism and twentieth century collectivism – fault-lines that persist to this day.