Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Innovation and Talent

Rush’s Neil Peart was recently voted the greatest drummer of all time

We were hooked immediately by Sydney band Noire's debut single Just Like Honey. It's one of those songs that is honey to our ears .... Noire Sydney Band  and

media-circus ABC Ultimo Media Circus and Chaser Bread XVI -IX-MMXV

Christopher and Lidka came to watch the Chasers last night at yOur ABC studio last night. They promised beer after 8 pm and did not deliver allegedly Mark Scott's corporate credit card was in red. The script was written by Tony and Malcolm so the only original observation was the fact that both Malcolm and Bill Shorten have huge foreheads... Alan Jones impersonating Tony Abbott about process was almost on par with Anne S. Jeff Kennet's morphing of Malcolm and Bill was scary as staring at the strange looking fish... ;-) 

Chasers will love this one for the media circus as this is the bread and butter of life: British late night host James Corden has scored some major brownie points with his wife. The TV personality had iconic soul singer Stevie Wonder on his show and during a segment in which the pair were driving around, Corden got the singer to call his wife and give her a special rendition of I Just Called to Say I Love You. The effort was so good it brought the show’s host to tears. You can watch the moment below as the magic starts around the four minute mark...

Infographic: Using social media for recruitment
PWC, 2/9/15. Professional social network LinkedIn is the obvious choice for potential employers to browse. However, this infographic by Career Glider reveals that recruiters are also checking out candidates via their Facebook and Twitter profiles, too.

Deloitte, 2015. Analytics momentum continues to grow, moving squarely into the mainstream of business decision-making worldwide. Put simply, analytics is becoming both the air that we breathe—and the ocean in which we swim. *PDF report

Lockpickers 3-D Print TSA Master Luggage Keys From Leaked Photos Wired Tweet: “OMG, it’s actually working!!!”

Back to the Future…for lunch Jared Bernstein, On the Economy. “So before we conclude we’re all robot fodder, let’s see it in the productivity and investment data.”
A Tree During the Day And A Monster at Night (jb sep 2014)
Developing your 21st century workforce
Technology chiefs need to build a strategy for talent management that helps their people and teams meet the new demands that are being placed on IT.
Mum and Joey protected from monsters at Jervis Bay Sep 2014

Experimental program to offer points for healthy behaviour
Vancouver Sun, 29/8/15. When the governments of B.C. and Canada start buying and then handing out millions of dollars worth of customer reward points, a bonafide 21st century social experiment is underway.
*Website –
Carrot Rewards

A new world of work … the HR challenge
Deloitte, 20156. To succeed with this highly diverse employee base, organisations need to reimagine the way they manage people and discover new ways to make themselves relevant.

he employment axe is hanging over another 6000 public servants at the Department of Defence as a new cull of its middle and upper management ranks gets under way. Jobs  -

The groans, the drawn-out sighs, the paper shuffling and the constant negativity. Those are the traits of workplace whingers— and we all know at least one.
But behind the piles of paperwork, a buzzing office might not be as busy as it seems at first glance, according to one Sydney expert.

Shame of Resume Writers ...