Saturday, September 05, 2015

Cold Wind by Cold River

At the Crossroads in the Swamps of Jervis Bay Sep 2014

Cold Wind is about a, a dig at my ex-wife.
I shouldn't say this; I'm gonna get killed. But it's a dig at my ex-wife for not letting me see my kids and now they're grown-up adults and they're like strangers, you know. Cold Wind is just a song about separation.
You'll never be separate from your memories, but you can't cuddle memories, you know, like your daughter or your grandson or your granddaughter, you know.
That was my younger sister. She passed away in 1992 and she had a massive heart attack and, yeah. And I believe in the other side, the other side is just a heartbeat away and it's just a thought away and she's there today happy and all that. And I know one day I'm gonna see her again and as I say, we'll, you know, forevermore, maybe not for a few 1,000 years or whatever, but we'll go somewhere together, we'll be somewhere together, yeah 
Cold Wind: Life According to Frampi (sic)
Red Faces at Jervis Bay
Wind/Pinball by Haruki Murakami
The two novels, penned at a kitchen table in 1978, that gave birth to this beloved author's career.

Walkabout (jb sep 2014)
Of course, Elena Ferrante, like any writer, no matter how brilliant, isn’t for everyone. I’ve also known people to confess (somewhat sheepishly) that they just “couldn’t get into” Ferrante’s books, and that there were too many characters, and too much detail. They’re not wrong. The books can seem slow to start and there ARE a lot of characters with similar and overlapping names and stories. It’s just that, like the taste of anchovies or of Tolstoy, you either like it, or you don’t. Ferrante Mania

I am named after the daughter my father lost.
Trying to Hide from the world (jb sep 2014)

The State We're In by Ann Beattie
A collection of linked stories that explores why we live in the places we have chosen... So many nests in so many strange places ;-) 

Gorgeous Swamp Based Duck Family  (jb sep 2014)
“Self-publishing, print-on-demand and the fan-fiction phenomenon have eroded the distinction between amateurs and professionals in the literary industries, but every so often you get a small reminder that sometimes you need to send in a pro.” The Globe and Mail (Canada)
Yellow Fever by Cold Sprinkler (jb Se 2014)