Friday, September 18, 2015

Trends: Chants of “Run, Joe, run”

“There are many fine things which we cannot say if we have to shout.”
Story of Silent Cold River

Chants of “Run, Joe, run” as Biden marches in Labor Day parade LATimes

Prodigal daughters and sons - the father gives life to his sons, and the sons cannot return the gift of life

The Center for the Future of Libraries. The trends are developed around libraries but are nicely generic and really apply to service oriented organisations. 

Facebook is adding a dislike button!!! Finally, a way to complain on the internet!!!

ESG issues the big concern in 2025
AB+F, 5 Aug 2015. Ten years ago iPads and iPhones were still a year or two away from launch and Facebook was restricted to Ivy League students while markets were in an economic boom that was ultimately on borrowed time. What will come next for the industry?  BNP Paribas put this question to leaders of Australia's banks and corporations and recorded what they see as the key longer-term issues in its study
2025: The Future of Wholesale Banking – And What It Means for Australia
How Klassik is PB at Ho-well March 2015

From dancing robots to smart vending machines.

“It is part of the socialization process in any human culture to teach our young to obey,” writes Chaleff. But he goes on to argue that teaching employees to disobey orders is an essential organizational safeguard — that nurses are protecting patients and their employers by questioning doctors’ orders that fly in the face of their training, and that accountants can prevent massive frauds by refusing to execute orders that violate their professional standards Just Say No

‘Hashtag activism’ is a growing trend, with words and movements gaining power and traction with the help of the hashtag. They enable people to unify around a common goal and to promote awareness of an issue. A fundraising campaign for the #IceBucketChallenge became a viral sensation, not to mention the $15.6 million raised for the ALS Association #MEdiaDragon

Hichem Naar reviews Berit Brogaard’s On Romantic Love: Simple Truths about a Complex Emotion.

Ayelet Banai reviews Carol C. Gould’s Interactive Democracy: The Social Roots of Global Justice.
Pelican Flying Above sting rays (jb sep 2014)
Whether a legislature will or will not enact law is often uncertain. This Article offers an empirical model for quantifying that uncertainty, and it develops this argument in the context of federal income tax...
We see three important ways in which the behavioural insights movement is challenging the policymaking status quo.
*See more from their blog here

2-3 Sep 2015. This cutting-edge two day event brought together the world’s leading behavioural insights experts with policy makers and practitioners to explore how they can make better and smarter policies that matter … Twitter feed might be of interest as vidoes are blocked by ATO…

Mind the (tax) gap

It’s often said that nothing is inevitable except death and taxes. But this is not the attitude of many individuals and businesses who are trying to cheat the state of revenue. The good news is that tax compliance has been an incredibly fertile area for applying behavioural insights. This session starts by taking a tour through the most powerful and innovative examples of how new thinking can increase compliance. Drawing on experiences of governments throughout the world, as well as a live experiment, this session aims to give attendees practical new ways of boosting honesty for social good.
Speakers include:
Arne Kristian Aas, Erich Kirchler, Rohan Grove, John Panzer, Michael Hallsworth

Imagine doing your dream job at the age of 91 - that's what Barbara Knickerbocker-Beskind, a designer in Silicon Valley, is doing. She talks about her life long passion for inventing. Silicon Valley's 91-year-old designer

 A collection of snackable facts and snackable statistics about the world we live in…

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