Thursday, September 24, 2015

Knots: Tying Things Together

Honeyeater at Jervis Bay Sep 2014

“The U.S. Census Bureau today released Census Business Builder: Small Business Edition, a new Web tool that allows business owners and entrepreneurs to easily navigate and use key demographic and economic data to help guide their research into opening a new business or adding to an existing one.

Trunks of Trees filled with pebbles - Little Bay with deep holes
In the history of civilization, beauty always trumped brains, pun intended. Helen of Troy had the face which launched a thousand ships. Princess Diana boasted she was "thick as a brick" up there.
But, it does help politically and economically if a woman has both. That was the platform on which America's version of Camelot was built. Jackie was a stunner, at least compared to Mamie Eisenhower. And she had done enough bookwork and thinking to be perceived as culturally sophisticated.

Markets in everything: “installed in Czech bar…

Central banks have made the rich richerFinancial Times. In case you still harbored doubts…

Mapped: how the sharing economy is sweeping the world Telegraph. I wish there was a way to fine every journalist who promotes the new push push to pauperize labor via the “sharing economy” Orwellianism.
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