Monday, September 28, 2015

Unhackable Cyber World

Baseball legend Yogi Berra dies at 90 BBC. EM’s favorite saying, “Predictions are hard – especially about the future.” Mine is “In theory there is no difference between theory and practice. In practice there is.”

KMart hacked
It is a big deal for cybersecurity, says Iman Shames from the University of Melbourne in Australia. But he says there are always ways to attack hardware, even if the software is impregnable. Hackers might be able to spoof a device’s sensors or jam incoming communications or other signals, which could be just as devastating. Unhackable kernel cybercrime

Social media sight Facebook went down worldwide overnight for ten minutes and predictably everyone lost their mind. Early reports suggest that all 1.49 billion Facebook users across the globe were unable to access their accounts, according to CBC NewsUsers who tried to logon were met by a page with the message: “Sorry, something went wrong”. Some took it better than others as many people flocked to other forms of social media to either lament the situation or poke fun at the growing hysteria.

Unfriending employees on Facebook and not saying good morning could constitute workplace bullying, the workplace tribunal has found. Rachael Roberts was a real estate agent with 10 years' industry experience. Since November 2012, she has been working at Tasmanian real estate agency VIEW Launceston. Facebook unfriending constitutes bullying says workplace tribunal
Under the Ground of Arras Back to WWI and WWII
Andrey Melnichenko: From College Dropout to One of Russia’s Wealthiest Businessmen 565 million mega yacht is super strange

The new iPhone goes on sale today and those dedicated fans who’ve been camping outside Sydney’s Apple store will presumably have their hard work rewarded. Aussie customers will be some of the first in the world to purchase the new device with one tech journalist, Lindsay Handmer, camping out for a whole two weeks to make sure he was the first in line. It might sound crazy to most, and rightfully so, but in his defence he reportedly intends to auction off the product and give the money to Mission Australia, a charity that supports those living on the street.

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