Wednesday, June 10, 2020

The Worst Of Times Or The Best Of Times To Be An Administrator?

“People don’t like reality,. They don’t like common sense. Until age forces it on them.”
~Graham Greene, Loser Takes All

"Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world."
– Harriet Tubman

NEWS YOU CAN USE: The Gospel According to Peter Thiel. Wherever there’s a major shift in the American landscape, one can usually find Silicon Valley’s iconoclastic investor.

GOT THE GONG: Here are the latest public servants to be acknowledged in the Order of Australia honours, and the full list of Public Service Medal recipients.

Morrison signals more help for Australian manufacturing

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has told his MPs they will have to get out of their comfort zones to support Australian manufacturing.

New polling is out and Donald Trump will be shocked to learn that gassing and violently beating peaceful protesters exercising their First Amendment wasn't as popular as Attorney General Bill Barr likely told him it would be.
Trump's approval plummeted fully seven points since last month in the new CNN/SSRS poll conducted June 2-5, entirely in the aftermath of Trump's disastrous photo op last Monday. Just 38% of Americans approve of the way he's handling his job, while 57% disapprove—a nearly 20-point gap. As CNN notes, Trump is resting comfortably right alongside where Jimmy Carter and George H.W. Bush at this point in their reelection bids. Keep on keeping on, Trump.

To prevent unionization, nonunion firms over-hire high-skill workers—who vote against the union—and under-hire low-skill workers— who vote in its favor.

Cops Raid Firm Over JobKeeper 'Rort'
Australian Federal Police raided a Melbourne bedding manufacturer to investigate allegations it deliberately depressed monthly revenue to qualify for up to $11 million in wage subsidies under the federal government’s JobKeeper scheme.
The police were acting on a tip-off to the Australian Taxation Office, which has received more than 3300 tips via its online and telephone hotlines related to the JobKeeper scheme.
 Meanwhile, Australian Taxation Office commissioner Chris Jordan said the tax office initially...

Kennedy  takes responsibility for JobKeeper snafu


RankWorkplaceComplete remuneration per yr
1Chair, Australian Prudential Regulation Authority$886,750
2Chairperson, Australian Competitors and Client Fee$775,910
threeChairperson, Australian Securities and Investments Fee$775,910
5Chief Government Officer, Providers Australia$748,210
6Australian Federal Police Commissioner$720,480
7Australian Public Service Commissioner$720,480
eightDirector-Normal, Workplace of Nationwide Intelligence$720,480
9Deputy Chair, Australian Prudential Regulation Authority$709,390
10Member, Australian Prudential Regulation Authority$665,070

Push to close Rich List reporting loophole - Financial Review

Centre Alliance dealmaker Rex Patrick wants ASIC to tear up a list of large companies exempt from reporting rules that he says is elitist.

IT BEGINS: Here is a preliminary assessment of losers and winners from the global pandemic.

On TV, Cops Are The Main Characters. It Shapes How We See Them

“TV has long had a police’s-eye perspective that helps shape the way viewers see the world, prioritizing the victories and struggles of police over communities being policed. Order, a police imposed status quo, is good; disruption is bad. There are many, many reasons why a cop’s point of view has become the default way to frame national unrest, including institutional and systemic racism, the capitalist urge to prioritize property over human life, and a political system that benefits those already in power. But TV plays a role, too.” – New York Magazine

 PwC has defended its use of legal professional privilege after the Australian Taxation Office booked a...
Executives’ job descriptions are changing under their feet, requiring skills in handling not only a global health crisis but also issues of racial equity. – The New York Times

COVID has made Australia 'less safe': ASIO boss

  • by Anthony Galloway