Sunday, June 28, 2020

Enola: Music 🎶 🎧 for the Young & Young at Heart

"You Forgive a lot of Things on the Enola Dancefloor"

The Post Office Hotel plays host to the dark, hypnotic and deeply personal soundscapes that line the minds of Enola Gay and Quell.

Enola Gay has been a fixture in Melbourne’s live scene over the past few months, refining sounds in spaces ranging from basements to busy clubs. Her music is restrained, crystalline and nostalgic - with a Florence-Welch-like vocal delivery and songwriting that balances somewhere at the axis of all-out pop, breakbeat, and balladry.

"Haunting and gloomily psychological, each track feels like it could splinter apart at any moment.” - Happy Mag

Quell’s live performances are a twisted and nebulous.
"A blissfully cacophonous and claustrophobic lair of despair and bleak sensuality". – WhiteLight/WhiteHeat

One not to miss.