Monday, June 22, 2020

The End of Liberal Order

“She liked to think of herself as a straightforward sort of person. ‘People always know where they are with me,’ she would say rather smugly; it never occurred to her that people might not always want to know such things.” Barbara Pym, No Fond Return of Love Continue reading Almanac: Barbara... Read more

Front Page of the London’s Weekend Financial Times (20-21 June Solstice edition) - [Jamie Smyth  ] notes that fingers point to China as Australia suffers state-sponsored cyber attack  🇨🇳:

Australia Wants Online Platforms To Pay For News. Facebook Says: We Don’t Need It

Australia’s news outlets have seen their advertising models collapse, and regulators propose charging social media platforms when they carry news stories. “In its submission to the watchdog, Facebook said it rejected many of the ACCC’s potential ideas, and said there was a “healthy rivalry” between itself and news organisations.” – The Guardian

DFAT to set up disinformation taskforce

REVERSE ENGINEERING: DFAT has begun a recruitment process for the new branch, which would target online disinformation and propaganda created by countries such as Russia and China.

Extradited E&Y Tax Shelter Enabler Sentenced 

I have often posted on the Government’s criminal prosecution of persons promoting abusive tax shelters.   There were a number of prosecution...

US blows up global project to tax multinational corporations. What now?

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How authorities, banks and researchers from around the world are verifying beneficial ownership information

Tax, reparations and ‘Plan B’ for the UK’s tax haven Tax, reparations and ‘Plan B’ for the UK’s tax haven web

The End Of The Liberal World Order

We could try to salvage the order by constructing institutions that enable us to meaningfully govern it. But to do that, we’d have learn to do politics with people who are different from us. Can that be done? Probably not. And that means either the nation-states will kill the liberal order, or they will find a way to disguise it in democratic daydreams. The liberal order might not last much longer. – Aeon

CESSPITS OF POLICE MISCONDUCT  San Francisco Police Were Ordered To Turn Off Body Cameras in Raid on Journalist’s Home.