Wednesday, January 24, 2018

We All Believe In Truth, Right?

We All Believe In Truth, Right? (Are You Sure BC?)

"We argue for our positions, and get annoyed if they are challenged. Why do we do this? The obvious answer is that we believe the views we express (ie, we think they are true), and we want to get others to believe them too, becausethey are true. We want the truth to prevail. That’s how it seems. But do we really believe everything we say? Are you always trying to establish the truth when you argue, or might there be other motives at work?" … Read More
My Wife's Husband Is Freaking Awesome True Story by coolfuntees 

“Girl” was once the hot word used in book titles to designate a certain type of psychological suspense, but this Spring will be full of “lies.” Sometimes I LieLet Me Lie, and All The Beautiful Lies, were among the 185 titles mentioned by librarians during January’s GalleyChat.
Below is a Storify transcript of the chat. If it does not load, or you prefer reading it in story form, link here.
For a list of the titles discussed, with information on which are available to download as e-galleys, check our Edelweiss catalog.
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