Sunday, January 28, 2018

Swimming with Blue-est (sic) Groper at Wiley's

MEN PAST 40GET UP NIGHTSAnd look outAt city lights,Wondering where theyMade the wrongTurn, and why lifeIs so long.

Swimming with blue groper at Coogee and listening to blues by the Bulgarian Antipodean Sarah Blasko A stunning new single A Shot

Blysk means thunder in slavic languages

Last night's wedding reception at Belmore featured an After Dinner speech by a former High Court Judge who made us bow and dedicated a minute of silence to the slaughters chicked, lamb and cows that we ate ...his advice on s*x was rather unconventional... And what is behind every successful country ... behind a beautiful women are beautiful behinds  ...

For Chris and Mirek: Cow escapes farm to run free with wild bisons in Poland

Mikhail Baryshnikov, of White Nights fame, finds the motion in the poetry of Joseph Brodsky | Toronto Star
“I can draw on my dance background, but this is more body language than dance,” says Baryshnikov. “Some of it is totally set, some improvised; little bridges between the poems, preludes and postscripts, but not illustrations. There is motion in poetry and this is a poetic journey, a kind of personal conversation.”

Walter Skold Obituary - York, PA | York Dispatch