Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Pizza of Renaissance: Satisfaction Guaranteed

"Ideas are like pizza dough, made to be tossed around."
 - Anna Quindlen 

Recently, I' ve seen a quote making the social media rounds and it really spoke to me: "Every pizza is a personal pizza if you try hard and believe in yourself." 

According to J, H and Z, old-school pizza and belief system seem to be having a renaissance in one particular home sweet home at the kulture vulture place named Melbourne. Whatever type of wood fire pizza you like, I am informed that L has it. Deep-dish Wagga Wagga Style? Yep. Classic Bohemian, Roman and Neapolitan? Yep. Vegan? Of course...

The enclosed image of a pizza oven tells a story as it took three (3) years to built this piece of Taj Mahal of pizza ovens ... the authentic taste of L's pizza is out of this world ...

L's Reading on XVI MMXVIII - a day after Martin Luther King Jr. Day's in 2018 AD

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Now as most Wogs would know, tomatoes are present in pretty much every dish! 

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CODA - Sydney - Build-your-own pizzas are the new big thing, with Fratelli Famous and Pizza Fresh Co. in Carlingford offering customers the chance to craft their own style of pizza. Ever wanted ribs on a pizza? Now's your chance.

And if ribs on a pizza doesn't sound crazy enough, how about 23 carat gold bullion leaves? The Golden Margherita – topped with edible gold leaf – is available at Pizza Design Co in Parramatta, for the princely sum of $50.  


#1. Mario’s, Croydon
This neighbourhood-style pizzeria is a favourite with locals and those coming from further afield. Dig in to piping hot classic and original pizzas.
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Pardeep's Pizza (PP) - It Is Highly Recommended chilli, anchovies etc like no other - Mario's Pizzeria Croydon


PS: Many customers applauded the bar for standing up for itself, and came out in support of the establishment "Lovely food and amazing service deserves a two star rating? I tip my hat to you."

*Fish and chip shop's sassy response to customer complaint