Sunday, January 14, 2018

Love Supreme: Planning for Darkest Hour

Semi- recent, muggy evenings were peppered with spotting strange actors such as Hugo Weaving and others at Paddington Verona and Bronte Wet Paint with Edwina and Richard ...

The Darkest Operation Dynamite like no other - what is freedom of expression? Without the freedom to offend, it ceases to exist,  wrote Salman Rushdie. WC even offended his majesty the king ... Czechoslovakia was filled with WC signs but it stood for the bathrooms 

Love Supreme | Emotional Pizza for One and All
Love Supreme Pizza - Emotional Pizza for One and All after watching Darkest Hour ...

Wet Paint Restaurant
We are a local neighbourhood restaurant situated at Macpherson St Bronte. At Wet Paint we strive to offer the friendliest service and our signiture style of cooking at affordable prices. The fare is melting pot of modern ...

Winston Churchill's darling Clementine endured his darkest hours

In the weeks after Churchill's “darkest hour” in May 1940, when he replaced Neville Chamberlain as prime minister and assumed leadership of the Tory Party in the face of overwhelming political and royal opposition, Clementine still pulled him into line. On June 27, 1940, she wrote, “My Darling, I hope you ...

Story image for darkest hour from The Sydney Morning Herald

Will Darkest Hour be Gary Oldman's finest hour?

The Sydney Morning Herald-4 Jan. 2018
"You've got the icon," says Gary Oldman, whose portrayal of the wartime leader in Darkest Hour is tipped to win him the Oscar. "You've got the actual man. Then you have a whole legion of actors who have played him." Churchill is like Lear, a mountain of a character that looms before actors around 60: a list ...

Darkest Hour' director Joe Wright and wife Anoushka Shankar split up  
The top British film director behind “Darkest Hour,” Joe Wright, and his wife, Anoushka Shankar, have parted ways, Page Six can exclusively reveal. The separated couple had been together for seven years. Shankar is the gorgeous sitar player and daughter of music legend Ravi Shankar and the half-sister ...

Joe Wright's Darkest Hour is a piece of historical fiction that undertakes a serious historical task: to present Winston  

Disaster recovery: audits urge public servants to plan for the worst.
When floods, fires or storms strike, the public sector needs its critical IT systems. Audits across three states suggest a lot of agencies aren't up to scratch, and offer useful recommendations on best practice disaster recovery planning.

New year, new chief for controversial building industry watchdog.
He's gone after major organised crime networks and umpired AFL grand finals. Now he will lead one of the Commonwealth's more controversial and politicised agencies