Tuesday, January 09, 2018

Magic Cake And Music #MediaDragon

Almanac: Shakespeare on love

Why, man, she is mine own, And I as rich in having such a jewel As twenty seas, if all their sand were pearl, The water nectar and the rocks pure gold. William Shakespeare, The ... read more

Every three months, a revolution

Top Secret Recipe courtesy of agencies 
of MEdia Dragon's choice - i.e. 
KGB, Stasi, VB, CIA, ASIO, Magic Kake

MAGIC NEWS YOU CAN USE: Visual Guide to Lock Picking.

THREE YEARS?   GIVE ME THIRTY SEVEN (circa 1980):  You can look three years younger by doing ‘face yoga’.

SHOCKING NEWS  FROM THE WORLD OF SCIENCE: Study: Facial exercises improve middle-aged women’s appearance.

Hello and welcome to our live coverage of the 75th Golden Globe Awards. All times AEDT. Nicole Kidman took out the first award of the night, other Aussies are in the frame and the best picture field is wide open.

Golden Globes 2018: Red carpet, winners live coverage 

Lapgiriai, storks nest on the old water tower

The bottom for the commercial play seems to have dropped out recently. A look at Broadway’s current offerings bears out this reality. Of the 31 productions running at the moment, 24 are musicals; only seven are straight dramas or comedies. 
Canada spends as much on marijuana as wine BBC

Advice 13 Artists Would Have Given Their Younger Selves

This falls into the category of what you've learned that you wish you'd known when you started out as an artist. …[Read More]

The People Who Play The Piano In London’s St. Pancras Station [VIDEO]

A Brazilian teenager who started playing the piano after watching videos online, a musician from Australia, and many, many others are happy to sit down and perform as millions of people stream through the station. … Read More

Where Do Magic Words Live?

Words refer to objects, and they don't actually live in our brains - only experience does, and we use words to convey our experiences. Or so is the claim. For instance: "What is an angel but a juggling of past experience: beautiful body, plus wings, as in a dream? What is dark matter if not a piece needed to complete a puzzle, a theory, made up of endless complex objects in the world? Sometimes, the imaginary object is a reshuffling of real objects and thus it is real in its own way; sometimes, it is nothing." … Read More