Thursday, January 25, 2018

Here's why the Carillion scandal will last for decades

Six Accountants Charged with Using Leaked Confidential PCAOB Data in Quest to Improve Inspection Results for KPMG

Education boss found to be dishonest in losing defamation case

Wealthy businessman Atkinson Prakash Charan has been branded a person who lies and an “entirely unreliable witness” by a Supreme Court judge when handing down a decision in what is expected to be one of the most expensive defamation cases in Australian ...

Bank of America Survey – “When you hear the word “millennial,” it may call to mind some stereotypes: they are self-absorbed, foolish with money, not long-term planners or still dependent on their parents. But do these stereotypes hold up? That’s what we set out to find in the fifth edition of our Better Money Habits Millennial Report. It turns out that millennials are actually just as good, or better, than other generations when it comes to managing money, and they are getting their financial houses in order. Millennials (ages 23-37) are more likely to set savings goals – and a majority meet them. Most millennials feel financially secure – at a level on par with Generation Xers and Boomers – and they are more likely to ask for raises. Still, they feel stressed; one in four worry often about money. The interesting part is that millennials believe the stereotypes about themselves. Despite their good habits, three-quarters say their generation overspends, and the majority believe that their generation is bad at managing money.