Friday, May 19, 2023

Measuring trends in Artificial Intelligence

Don’t know much about criminology. 
Don’t know much about mendacity.
But I know we must protect democracy.
And if you and I voted regularly,
what a wonderful world this would be

Dharmapala: The Characteristics Of Tax Havens

NY Times Op-Ed: An Apology for Saying ‘Sorry’

Google To Pay $8 Million Settlement For ‘Lying To Texans,’ State AG Says.. “Google has agreed to an $8 million settlement with Texas over deceptive ads for its Pixel 4 smartphone, in which radio DJs were hired to provide testimonials without being given the phone to use.”

The Worst Covid Strategy Was Not Picking One

The lessons of the pandemic are clearer in a global comparison.

In the US, the staggering toll is a reminder that all the wealth and vaccines in the world cannot save lives in a nation fractured by politics…”

Can a Writers Strike Save Hollywood from Monopoly? BIG by Matt Stoller

My AI Girlfriend Charges $1/Minute and Only Wants to Talk About Sex Vice

Pro Wrestling Artists Call Out AEW For Perceived AI-Generated T-Shirt Releases Paste

On Spoutible, Mastodon, and the Fediverse. "Should we stick with an easy system like the ones we know on Twitter and Facebook, where a few media kings rule us all? Or embrace the ambiguity of decentralization in the name of freedom?"

Google’s new Magic Editor pushes us toward AI-perfected fakery The Verge

India’s religious AI chatbots are speaking in the voice of god — and condoning violence Rest of World

Google’s AI Hype Circle Cory Doctorow

Measuring trends in Artificial Intelligence