Monday, May 15, 2023

Happy Gabbie Day: Trust in Media 2023: What news outlets do Americans trust most for information?

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Taxing Billionaires: Estate Taxes And The Geographical Location Of The Ultra-Wealthy

Whether it’s a coming ATO attack, hypersale abuse that threatens sites that engage in limited edition sales, flash sales, or a flood of fake accounts being created for fraud or promotion abuse — nowadays, it often starts with bots.  

Bot creators have begun selling on accounts of different types that they’ve taken over using their skills. 

One example is particularly on marketplaces or second-hand selling websites. This illustrates how integrated online crime is becoming; in this specific scenario, you see bot expertise and its consequences, ATO, the online criminal marketplace in action, and all the possibilities that come with it. This leads to fraudulent transactions, data theft, social engineering, phishing and more — all starting with bots

Connecting ATO and transaction fraud dots: Bots are the key

In 1961, News Extra looked at life in Australia for Britons who relocated down under following World War Two. A new drama series centred around such emigrants of the era, Ten Pound Poms, begins tonight on and .

10 Ten Pound Poms

Victory Parade on Red Square President of Russia. A short and pointed speech.

“Those Who Do Not Learn History Are Doomed to Repeat It” Larry Johnson

Trust in Media 2023: What news outlets do Americans trust most for information?

YouGovAmerica: “The divide between Democrats and Republicans on which news sources are trustworthy remains stark…In this year’s trust in media poll — conducted from April 3 – 9, 2023 — YouGov asked Americans to say whether they trust, distrust, or neither trust nor distrust the media organizations. From the results, it is possible to determine each outlet’s net trust score – that is, how much more likely Americans are to say the outlet is trustworthy or very trustworthy than untrustworthy or very untrustworthy.  Even with the additions to the group of outlets polled about, The Weather Channel remains the most trusted news source among Americans overall. Americans are 53 points more likely to call The Weather Channel trustworthy as they are to call it untrustworthy. It’s also the only outlet that YouGov asked about that more Democrats (+64) and Republicans (+47) trust than the shares who distrust it. The Weather Channel is just one of two outlets polled about that a majority of Republicans trust; the other one is Fox News (56% of Republicans trust it, with a net trust score among them of +41).  When it comes to the national rankings, The Weather Channel is followed by national public broadcaster PBS (+30), the U.K. news outlet BBC (+29), and The Wall Street Journal (+24) in national trust. This year’s poll has the same group in the top four as last year’s poll — even with the additions to this year’s poll.

There also are more people who trust than distrust Forbes (+23), the Associated Press (+22), ABC (+21), USA Today (+21), CBS (+20), and Reuters (+20). ..In this poll, the three broadcast networks had similar levels of trust, while there was a slightly lower level of trust in each of the three cable networks: 44% say they trust ABC, 43% trust CBS, 42% trust NBC, 40% trust CNN, 38% trust Fox News, and 36% trust MSNBC…