Wednesday, May 24, 2023

Is our universe inside a black hole?

 Why do people listen to sad songs? (NYT)  And Girardian orcas.

FT Rana Foroohar lunch with Daron Acemoglu.Is our universe inside a black hole? (speculative)

 The Disappearing White-Collar Job 

A once-in-a-generation convergence of technology and pressure to operate more efficiently has corporations saying many lost jobs may never return

For generations of Americans, a corporate job was a path to stable prosperity. No more.  

The jobs lost in a monthslong cascade ofwhite-collar layoffs triggered by overhiring and rising interest rates might never return, corporate executives and economists say. Companies are rethinking the value of many white-collar roles, in what some experts anticipate will be a permanent shift in labor demand that will disrupt the work life of millions of Americans whose jobs will be lost, diminished or revamped through the use of artificial intelligence.  

“We may be at the peak of the need for knowledge workers,” said Atif Rafiq, a former chief digital officer at McDonald’s and Volvo. “We just need fewer people to do the same thing.” Long after robots began taking manufacturing jobs, artificial intelligence is now coming for the higher-ups—accountants, software programmers, human-resources specialist and lawyers—and converging with unyielding pressure on companies to operate more efficiently…”

 Microsoft Bets That Fusion Power Is Closer Than Many Think
 Tourists follow GPS, drive car into Hawaii harbor
 Near collision embarrasses Navy, so they order public San Diego webcams taken down
 A Tennessee company is refusing a U.S. request to recall 67 million air-bag inflators
 Automakers are starting to admit that drivers hate touch screens. Buttons are back!
 The federal government is not doing their job, NTSB chair says about automated driving tech
 MASSIVE Toyota vehicles location data breach
 Critical-rated security flaw in Illumina DNA sequencing tech exposes patient data
 Ohio Man Sentenced for Stealing Over 712 Bitcoin Subjected to Forfeiture
USAO-DC Department of Justice
 Major e-problems in Dallas courts
 Navy doctors and dentists are told they owe 3 more years of service after military admits to another record-keeping error
NBC News
 The Untold Story of the Boldest Supply-Chain Hack Ever
 Major psychologists' group warns of social media's potential harm to kids
 Three Companies Supplied Fake Comments to FCC
 Chinese hackers outnumber FBI cyber staff 50 to 1, bureau director says
 What Exactly Are the Dangers Posed by AI?
 Doctors warn about AI's "existential threat to humanity
 ChatGPT Will See You Now: Doctors Using AI to Answer Patient Questions
 Re: ChatGPT Will See You Now: Doctors Using AI to Answer Patient Questions
Tom Van Vleck
 Re: ChatGPT detector tools resulting in false accusations of students for cheating
Amos Shapir
 Italy reinstates an `improved' ChatGPT
 Wendy's Turns to AI-Powered Chatbots for Drive-Thru Orders
 Re: AI is now indistinguishable from reality
Steve Bacher
 Dominion tells its Fox story: Axios exclusive interview
 Re: Security breaches covered up by 30% of companies, reveals study Jose Maria Mateos)
 Re: Farmers crippled by satellite failure as GPS-guided tractors grind to a halt
John Levine Brian Inglis
 Re: Farmers crippled by satellite failure as GPS-guided tractors
 Re: GPS clock turnover—again and again
Terje Mathisen Brian Inglis
 Software Obsolescence
Ross Anderson
 Stop Ransomware
 Correctness-by-Construction - How Can We Build Better Software?
 Info on RISKS (comp.risks)