Wednesday, May 10, 2023

Federal budget 2023: winners and losers summary - New blog about AI alignment. - The World Wide Web turns 30

Australian Institute on Revenue

New blog about AI alignment.

So, I would like to propose another metaphor for the risks of artificial intelligence. I suggest that we think about A.I. as a management-consulting firm, along the lines of McKinsey & Company. Firms like McKinsey are hired for a wide variety of reasons, and A.I. systems are used for many reasons, too. But the similarities between McKinsey—a consulting firm that works with ninety per cent of the Fortune 100—and A.I. are also clear.

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The World Wide Web turns 30 Deutsch Welle

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4 US Banks Crash in 2 Months: Banking Crisis Explained by Economist Michael Hudson

US banks keep falling over but the Fed is curiously indifferent.

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