Tuesday, May 30, 2023

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 But as long as you remember what you have seen, then nothing is gone. As long as you remember, it is part of this story we have together.  

— Leslie Marmon Silko

Elena Ferrante May Win Eurovision

That is, the Eurovision Book Contest. "In March, the literary festival asked the public to submit their favourite fiction from any of the 37 countries that take part in the music competition each year." 
- The Guardian (UK)

Making Art – And It Doesn’t Need To Be ‘Good’ Art – Is Superb For Mental Health

OK, and this is possibly unexpected, "Coloring within the lines — of an intricate pattern, for example — appears to be especially effective" at dealing with anxiety. - The New York Times

In order to expand the company’s horizons, Nadella sought out talent from different backgrounds and industries, who brought with them a diverse range of perspectives. He also encouraged Microsoft employees to experiment and take risks, even if it meant failing along the way. By purposefully exposing himself and his team to different perspectives and new ideas, Nadella was able to transform Microsoft into a more innovative and customer-focused company, with a renewed focus on cloud computing and artificial intelligence.

Research has found that people who actively seek out information that challenges their preconceptions are better able to update their beliefs in response to new evidence. By actively seeking out diverse perspectives and evidence, you can overcome the limitations of self-serving biases and make more informed decisions.

. . .

Falling prey to self-serving biases only means we are human beings. Overcoming such biases in our work and life is not only critical to achieving better decisions — it’s also very possible. We can make better, more informed decisions — and unlock our full potential at work and beyond — if we make a regular habit of the above three strategies.

3 Strategies for Making Better, More Informed Decisions

Climate activists in Rome, Russian airstrikes in Dnipro, Vinícius Júnior receives racial abuse in Valencia and Scarlett Johansson at the Cannes film festival: the most striking images this week