Tuesday, May 16, 2023

Richard Boyle faces life behind bars while those in the PwC scandal are protected by the corporate world - Bad birdie! Twitter-faithful reject Musk’s CEO

Similarly, in the arcane and cloistered world of tax law, where a mere handful of practitioners have the expertise to take on highly technical cases, poachers and gamekeepers often swap sides.

Most of the hierarchy at the Australian Tax Office come from the private sector, many from one of the Big Four accounting firms.

Richard Boyle faces life behind bars while those in the PwC scandal are protected by the corporate world

Twitter users are outraged by Elon Musk's choice of successor, Linda Yaccarino, as the new CEO due to her past life at the World Economic Forum. Keep in mind that the WEF is frequently, and accurately, viewed as the global nemesis of freedom...

Bad birdie! Twitter-faithful reject Musk’s CEO

15 May 2023


4:30 AM

Twitter users are a resilient bunch of customers. They spent the best part of a decade living under the increasingly totalitarian regime of Big Tech and its ‘community guidelines’. Entire systems of language trickery had to be created to navigate the censorial landscape where dissenters were not only assaulted by shadowy algorithms, users were erased. Never was this practice more depraved than Twitter’s removal of Big Pharma victims for the crime of reporting their injuries to the world.

Not to worry! The birdcage was eventually broken into by the (former) richest man on Earth and tech genius Elon Musk. Famous for trolling celebrities in-between launching rockets to Mars, Musk kept his word when it came to restoring free speech to social media.

His actions turned Twitter into a terrifying weapon that was aimed – not at the people – but at the political interests and global corporations who had been manipulating human society for far too long. There were immediate victims in this new world order. Vaccine manufacturers, health authorities, and political leaders were all among the first to crack under the pressure of social media criticism that was now shouting so loudly that not even the previously loyal mainstream media could ignore the lure of click-bait stories.

Musk was incredibly smart to release the Twitter Files during this time, showering his opponents in public humiliation for their role in actively attacking the liberties of ordinary citizens. Seeing the extent of unnatural digital coercion has forever made it more difficult (and dangerous) for these organisations to repeat the offence.

Having succeeded where everyone told him he would fail, Musk has naturally decided to step back and hand the mostly-reformed Twitter entity to someone else to manage.

Unfortunately for Musk, users are outraged by his choice of successor, Linda Yaccarino, as the new CEO due to her past life at the World Economic Forum.

Keep in mind that the WEF is frequently, and accurately, viewed as the global nemesis of freedom. It is an organisation that facilitates secret backroom handshakes between political leaders and mega-corporates away from the public, whose lives are bartered and traded in service of the greater good.

The policies put forward by its in-house think tanks are terrifying – frequently crossing the line into dystopian vistas. Even its leader, Klaus Schwab, chief architect of the ‘Great Reset’ – is credited with designing initiatives that re-imagine the world as a prison cell beneath the feet of the elite class. Of course, it all depends on your definition of prison. Plenty of people out there find the embrace of the Big State to be a warm hug rather than suffocating vice.

Even Musk tweeted back in January of 2023: ‘WEF is increasingly becoming an unelected world government that the people never asked for and don’t want.’

This is not a case of ‘guilt by association’. Plenty of people rub shoulders with the Bond villain-esque meetings in Davos without parroting or sharing their central values. Yaccarino is of concern because of what she has said about free speech.

Her recent interview with Elon Musk was of particular note, as she attempted to talk him into allowing advertising giants to ‘curate’ social media to make it safe for them. The idea that corporations have the right to censor the general public to create a safe space for marketing is sickening, yet that is the prevailing school of thought among Big Tech marketing departments. To them, the public are creatures to be tamed, tailored, and then propositioned…

‘You will be able to buy things directly on Twitter. One click. Boom. Done,’ said Musk. His comments are unsurprising given this is the mind responsible for PayPal.

‘But they need to feel that there is an opportunity for them to influence what you’re building. That vision. What we’re doing here, whether it’s me trying to push and prod you on your tweets, for example, you’ve said you probably shouldn’t tweet after 3:00 am…’ she replies. ‘Probably good advice for all of us.’

‘Well, I’ve gotten myself into trouble a few times.’

‘I’m very aware of those. So, after 3:00 am, you travel all over the world – Lord knows how you handle time zones in space. Will you commit to being a little more specific and not tweet after 3:00 am? People in this room [advertisers] would like to see that.’

Musk doesn’t appear best pleased by this demand for a tweet curfew wrapped in a bit of content moderation and public pressure from a room full of advertising executives. ‘I will aspire to tweet less after 3:00 am, but it is important that … if I were to say “yes” you can influence me, that would be wrong. That would be very wrong. That would be a diminishment of freedom of speech.’

Undeterred by the basic moral lesson handed down, she continues. ‘But I want to be specific about influencing. It’s more of an open feedback loop for the advertising experts in this room to help develop Twitter into a place where they will be excited about investing more money. Product development. Ad safe content moderation. That’s what the influence is.’

‘It’s totally cool to say that you want to have your advertising appear in certain places in Twitter and not in other places, but it is not cool to try to say what Twitter will do, and if that means losing advertising dollars, we lose it. But freedom of speech is paramount.’

In that short exchange, the new CEO tried to manipulate Twitter back into a plaything of billion-dollar corporate entities that see Twitter users as nothing more than dollar signs. Advertisers are the Wolves of the West with no interest in the true miracle that Twitter actually is, technologically speaking. They’d rather feast on its corpse and then move on to the next social entity and hunt down its users.

It is not only the obvious disrespect shown toward freedom of speech, the new CEO appears to have embraced the Woke initiative where corporate culture is taking on a political role when it comes to shaping the social behaviour of its customers. Considering Musk just finished firing the insidious layers of Woke from Twitter, users are astonished that he would put one in charge of the whole ecosystem.

We should note that Musk, possibly sensing a rather large backlash that could endanger his subscription model, tweeted: ‘@LindaYacc will focus primarily on business operations, while I focus on product design and new technology.’

Yaccarino left NBCUniversal’s Advertising Sales department for the Twitter appointment. She was formally the chair of their global advertising partnerships. Essentially, her job is to rake in advertising dollars, although it seems likely that Musk is going to insist upon the handicap of free speech.

The problem is this: Twitter advertisers left the platform when it became obvious that Musk would not allow corporations to dictate public speech and – more importantly – Twitter would no longer silence public criticism of their products. If that is why they left, why would they come back? If they do come back, it will be because they have been offered something.

If Musk’s Twitter is going to survive this uncomfortable partnership, he will need to be transparent about what deals advertisers are agreeing to upon their return and whether or not they have any material influence over community guidelines and censorship.

The greatest threat to civil liberty in the next twenty years is the Net Zero revolution – better described as eco-fascism. Twitter already has in place community guidelines designed to silence and erase anyone who would speak out against these lucrative ‘climate’ contracts that actively distort the free market in favour of political ideology.

Musk needs a good-faith gesture for his users. What about deleting all climate-related community guidelines?

That way, if advertisers want to silence the bird, they’ll have to work at it.