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Driver’s Licenses, Addresses, Photos: Inside How TikTok Shares User Data

Mark McGowan resigns as premier of Western Australia, saying he is ‘exhausted’

Farewell Mark McGowan

This “article“ does not demonstrate any evidence of Laura Tingle influencing the justice system whatsoever. Instead it shows a private conversation with the journalist expressing empathy, a very everyday occurrence. Did you read it or just decide to conflate for attention?
What someone says in private conversations & messages has nothing to do with ABC Charter. Only publicly statements would be a breach of independence. #Auspol2023 This does show how frightened the RWNJs are of a strong intelligence woman like Laura Tingle.
Text messages show Brittany Higgins leaked a complaint about the Federal police to the ABC's chief political correspondent two months before the trial against her alleged rapist Bruce Lehrmann was set to begin, and the top prosecutor appeared to know all about it.

Opinion | DeSantis’ big Twitter announcement turned into a big Twitter mess

Federal police allege Guy Habkouk, 35, arranged for nearly 350 kilograms of heroin to be imported into Sydney in December 2020. He was charged after he arrived at the airport on Saturday morning.

Alleged mastermind behind 350kg heroin plot arrested at Sydney Airport

Two Greek nationals have been charged after police seized 120 kilograms of cocaine allegedly stashed within the walls of a shipping container at Port Botany in Sydney’s eastern suburbs.

They arrested the 19-year-old man at a unit on Parramatta Road in Leichhardt. He was charged with having the intent to commit an indictable offence linked to a large commercial supply of prohibited drugs, and with attempting to possess a commercial quantity of a border restricted drug.

Two Greek nationals charged after 120kg of cocaine found in Sydney shipping container

REDACTED: Your right to know In this eight-part series, Crikey showcases how journalists, politicians and citizens use freedom of information requests

Driver’s Licenses, Addresses, Photos: Inside How TikTok Shares User Data

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Employees of the Chinese-owned video app have regularly posted user information on a messaging and collaboration tool called Lark, according to internal document …

In August 2021, TikTok received a complaint from a British user, who flagged that a man had been “exposing himself and playing with himself” on a livestream she hosted on the video app. She also described past abuse she had experienced. To address the complaint, TikTok employees shared the incident on an internal messaging and collaboration tool called Lark, according to company documents obtained by The New York Times. The British woman’s personal data — including her photo, country of residence, internet protocol address, device and user IDs — were also posted on the platform, which is similar to Slack and Microsoft Teams. 

Her information was just one piece of TikTok user data shared on Lark, which is used every day by thousands of employees of the app’s Chinese owner, ByteDance, including by those in China. 

According to the documents obtained by The Times, the driver’s licenses of American users were also accessible on the platform, as were some users’ potentially illegal content, such as child sexual abuse materials. In many cases, the information was available in Lark “groups” — essentially chat rooms of employees — with thousands of members…”

 Why risk management in enterprise I.T. systems starts with reducing complexity Actuaries Digital

AI has social consequences, but Who pays the price? Tech companies’ problem with ‘ethical debt’
Tech companies’ problem with ‘ethical debt’ – As a technology ethics educator and researcher, Carey Fiesler has thought about AI systems amplifying harmful biases and stereotypes, students using AI deceptively, privacy concerns, people being fooled by misinformation, and labor exploitation. Fiesler characterizes this not at technical debt but as accruing ethical debt. Just as technical debt can result from limited testing during the development process, ethical debt results from not considering possible negative consequences or societal harms. And with ethical debt in particular, the people who incur it are rarely the people who pay for it in the end.

Xingxuan Li, Lidong Bing. arXiv. 24 May 2023. “As large language models (LLMs) have demonstrated their powerful capabilities in plenty of domains and tasks, including context understanding, code generation, language generation, data storytelling, etc., many data analysts may raise concerns if their jobs will be replaced by AI. 
This controversial topic has drawn a lot of attention in public. However, we are still at a stage of divergent opinions without any definitive conclusion. 
Motivated by this, we raise the research question of “is GPT-4 a good data analyst?” in this work and aim to answer it by conducting head-to-head comparative studies. In detail, we regard GPT-4 as a data analyst to perform end-to-end data analysis with databases from a wide range of domains. 
We propose a framework to tackle the problems by carefully designing the prompts for GPT-4 to conduct experiments.
 We also design several task-specific evaluation metrics to systematically compare the performance between several professional human data analysts and GPT-4. Experimental results show that GPT-4 can achieve comparable performance to humans. 
We also provide in-depth discussions about our results to shed light on further studies before we reach the conclusion that GPT-4 can replace data analysts.”