Monday, April 03, 2023

People smuggling suitcases full of gold through the airport are immune from prosecution.

Totalitarians from any side be it left or right as well as many incompetent leaders just as the devil do not like Jokes

Tax experts and climate scientists are increasingly saying the same thing

Journalism is not a crime. Old Soviet habit of taking journalists as hostages is back in fashion in #Russia. The arrest of @evangershkovich

by the Russian authorities proves that press- neither Russian nor foreign can operate in this country

People smuggling suitcases full of gold through the airport are immune from prosecution.

Journalists reporting on such matters are getting threatened. When did illegal acts become legal and when did doing the right thing become a crime? Journalism is not a crime!


There’s another thing, too, which is this: When Trump was elected president, it was without my vote. He was elected by people who knew he was a bigot, but for various reasons, didn’t care (or didn’t care enough). When he became president, I didn’t leave the United States for somewhere else. Trump might have been my president, but it was my country, and worth spending the time and effort to counter his personality, policies and plans. Then one day — not without effort, if we all recall — he wasn’t president any more. He did his damage and it was not trivial, but we were around to try to make it better.

Is It Ethical to Be On Twitter In the Musk Era? A Personal Answer

Some Thoughts On Twitter.

Imaginary Vrbov

Whether it's in television segments, feature interviews, or press conferences, Jason Kurland seemingly infiltrated every aspect of the lottery world. With smart marketing and resume building, he set himself up as the one person you'd turn to if you were lucky enough to win millions.

 Small teams vs. large teams


The second hitman then subcontracted to another hitman, who then subcontracted to a fourth, who gave the job to a fifth.

How a little-known entrepreneur amassed a $100 million-plus property portfolio

Software and IT recruitment businessman Sukender Jain makes a worthy debut in Title Deeds this week thanks to his purchase of Mosman’s Queen Anne Federation mansion Urunga for more than $19 million.

The fact that the founder of IT specialist recruitment firm Interpro has managed to remain under the radar, until now, is somewhat surprising given the vast property portfolio amassed by Jain and his corporate interests over the past 20 years, and that’s before he exchanged on the Mosman home of antique collector Edmund Braude.