Friday, April 28, 2023

The laziness tax: Why your money isn’t accruing high interest

 The laziness tax: Why your money isn’t accruing high interest Felix Salmon, Axios

They said the blue ticks were going to disappear, but mine hasn't. It's mind games. For the avoidance of doubt, I didn't pay for it - so I'm still the product, not the customer.

Real I D Mitchell

David Mitchell

The medieval Catholic Church deliberately and effectively splintered political power in Europe by forming temporal alliances, funding proxy wars, launching crusades, and advancing ideology to ensure its autonomy and power.

Fox Can Deduct $787 Million Defamation Settlement Over Vote Fraud Claims

The eccentric pioneers of vegetable electricity BBC

How America’s most endangered cat could help save Florida National Geographic

UC Irvine biologists discover bees to be brew masters of the insect world (press release) University of California, Irvine

Rare-earth mining. “Shuang-Liang Liu et al.have compiled a dataset of 146 mining projects targeting rare-earth elements, which serve as “critical raw materials in many low-carbon technologies.” 

The dataset lists each project’s name, company, location, status, deposit type, estimated tonnage of deposits, element composition, and other details sourced from “company annual reports and public presentations, government reports, and papers in various scientific journals.”

Clarence Thomas Can Do No Wrong New York Times

300 Years of ‘Too Big to Jail’ New York Review of Books 

Scoopers at Ben & Jerry’s in Burlington Seek to Unionize Seven Days Vermont 

Feudalism by Design: On Quinn Slobodian’s “Crack-Up Capitalism” Los Angeles Review of Book