Saturday, April 29, 2023

Philosophy of zones

 When you’re looking to escape the tedium of modern and mainstream tourism, sometimes the only way is up. Today, our armchair travels will take us to some of the most remote (and highest) villages in the world, from middle America to roof of Egypt. 

But of course, we’re not just going to drop you on the highest mountain in the middle of nowhere with nothing to do! To inspire your next adventure we’ll research local activities, where to stay and discover obscure little anecdotes about these elevated villages frozen in time…Built in the Clouds, they’re the Highest Villages Frozen in Time

Chiseled over the entrance to the US Supreme Court are the words “Equal Justice Under Law.” The principle is foundational for a democracy. In 1974, when Richard Nixon faced the threat of impeachment for financial corruption and schemes to undermine democracy, he was forced to resign, and several of his top aides went to prison. There was broad celebration that the political system worked—that no one was above the law. “When the president does it…it is not illegal,” Nixon later claimed, but American presidents do not enjoy the privileges of kings and despots.

Too Big to Jail

ALEX BYRNE: Philosophy’s No-Go Zone. “An MIT professor describes the outraged reaction from fellow philosophers when he argued that a woman is an adult human female.”

Kafka could have written this piece as fiction.

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