Saturday, April 29, 2023

Kyle Sandilands and bride Tegan - Amex users

She wanted a séance. I wanted a palm reading. 

So we found a happy medium.

The PM, a nightclub mogul and a former convict walk into a wedding. Kyle Sandilands’ invitation was too good to refuse

Kyle Sandilands and bride Tegan share a tender kiss after they officially become husband and wife - as newlyweds reveal the first glimpse of her stunning dress and who's who of celebs prepare to party

Rum Corp 2023 AD

21ST CENTURY FITNESS:  Half the men I know are using Ozempic to lose weight – the signs are hard to miss.

How Our Team Overturned the 90-Year-Old Metaphor of a ‘Little Man’ in the Brain Who Controls Movement Scientific American. If only we could do the same for Bond Villains in politics

Why elephants, otters and whales are nature’s secret weapons against climate breakdownGuardian 

Amex Customers – Above-Average-Income Consumers – Are Spending like Drunken Sailors, incl. on Travel & Restaurants

They’re the Big Spenders, they can move the needle. Millennials and Gen Z-ers are now the drivers of this growth.

John le Carré was disillusioned "in that special way which only affects those who have had very strong illusions in the first place"... more »

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Is ballet a relic of outdated patriarchy, a cult-like system that conditions women to be obedient? Or is it “a laboratory of femaleness”? Both... more »

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“I’ve taken enormous walks and lived on rice and codfish tongues and I feel like a new man.” John Dos Passos was at home on Cape Cod... more »