Wednesday, April 05, 2023

The Age of AI has begun

 “When individuals hate each other the harm is finite; but when great groups of nations hate each other the harm may be infinite and absolute. Hatred of those whom we believe to be evil is not what will redeem mankind.” 

~ Bertrand Russell 

Australia faces ‘dystopian’ future of cyber-attacks targeting fabric of society, Clare O’Neil says

Tax experts and climate scientists are increasingly saying the same thing

There’s one sure winner in the AI explosion, say analysts: Dutch outfit ASML The Register

An open letter to Elon Musk: Leave stan Twitter alone Stans are Twitter's most prolific power users, and you should try to keep it that way.

Elon Musk puts $20 billion value on Twitter – The Information Reuters. Valuation ignores the possibility that (a) Musk wants to make Twitter profitable, which it has not been, and that in any case (b) Musk has “taken one for the team” by proving you can fire a horde of labor aristocrats and retain a working site (at which point the owners of other tech firms happily followed his lead

YOU MEAN AUTO, TRACTORS & ATO USED MICROSOFT PRODUCTS?  These angry Dutch farmers really hate Microsoft.

EV Era Threatens UAW Clout as New Chief Faces Nonunion Plants Bloomberg Law


Disney CEO Bob Iger Confirms Start Of Layoffs, With Three Rounds Of Cuts Expected Before Summer Deadline


Amazon loses bid to toss consumer antitrust lawsuit Reuters

Portions of Twitter’s source code leaked to public, valuation plummets to $20 billion Yahoo Finance

Feds sue crypto giant Binance and founder Changpeng Zhao The Verge

Deepfakes Will Make the Establishment StrongerRichard Hanania’s Newsletter

‘We are super, super fucked’: Meet the man trying to stop an AI apocalypse Sifted

The Age of AI has begun Bill Gates, Gates Notes. So awesome.