Friday, April 14, 2023

From Bohemian Charter 77 to Antipodean Club 77

The artist has to be something like a whale swimming with his mouth wide open, absorbing everything until he has what he really needs.
~ Romare Bearden Spoutible

All roads seem to lead to Club 77 for moi, my friends and my coincidences in life … who knew in 1980s that my future brother in law would turn up to be a legend disco king coined Doss?

Aside from our colourful deep oceans and pleasant shallow iceberg beaches and all the strides Sydneysiders made in our culinary scene Wetpaint etc, partying is sort of our brand here in the Emerald City. You can explore Sydney’s small bar and soulful watering holes scene. You can also invade coveted dance clubs, lounges and after-hours spots for an epic night out in Sydney.

There is one club in Sydney that has so many symbolic meanings as I survived the charter 77 Iron Curtain crossing on 7 of 7 1980. 

Christopher, Marian,Thomas of Rene Rivkin fame, Rasputin had always energy to dance and people watch. There was much clubbing in 1980s BC, before children, that came in 1990s.

When the youth are angry, there’s no better place to go than the club be it Couldron and Rogues or the club 77 …

Don't mistake the gentle strides of a lion 

as weakness. (Double J of 1980s)

Club 77 where 7 plus 7 is still 14.

Ach to be 22 again in order to line up on 14 April 2023 and people watch the trends, mannerisms and fashion at the door of the club … still as recycled teenagers Doss and I we might just Czech out his nephew’s style one brave new dark night … and do few moves on the dancing 🕺 floor  😇🐉

Even in MMXXIII AD, there are still not many men or women who can roam the floor with two feet in and out in an Rasputin circle ⭕️ and introduce European sounds of birds 🐦 at the same time on a tiny piece of plastic paper 😇  AMEN 🙏 

From Doss to JHassic club77

CODA: Australian singer John Paul Young scored a massive hit in 1977 with this romantic disco banger - back in 1980s love was in the air …

It was later used as the theme tune
 to Baz Luhrmann's 1992 movie Strictly Ballroom.

In early 1980s circa Orwell 1984 AD, Buzz and Jozef  studied this motto:

The Motto of the NSW Parliamentary Library “Knowledge is the Mother of Wisdom and Virtue"

 In early 1980s, 20 years old, Buzz Luhrmann and Jozef Imrich were  employed by Dr Cope at the NSW Parliamentary Library as the crown employees ...

PS: According to Buzz, decades are rarely defined by the styles for which they become known until far later than expected: the banana plants, swing chairs and rayan themes of the 70s, only became apparent during the second part of that decade. Likewise the 80s and its electro-pop primaries and Memphis modernism are only remembered with the benefit  of hindsight as having defined design at the time